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Thread: My dream of re-buying a new set of Simpsons DVDs/BluRays

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    My dream of re-buying a new set of Simpsons DVDs/BluRays

    So now that Disney took over Fox I feel like anything could happen but mostly this is just a crazy dream that I don't think will ever come to fruition. Especially since we all know Disney+ will house all of the Simpsons episodes I'm sure Disney won't bother releasing anymore physical media.

    Anyways, my dream is that Disney will re-release every season on BluRay. (Original aspect ratio, UNTOUCHED from the original) I say BluRay because... well why not? They don't scratch as easy and tend to survive longer and obviously they can fit more episodes per disc. It'd be awesome if they did special sets for each season where they cover features more side characters. Season 1 could even be Dr. Marvin Monroe! They could include Simpsons comics, posters and toys in the set to make it a must buy for collectors.

    What would all of you include with new re-released season sets?

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    I just want a big bluray set of the entire series when it is done. My poor bank account. I'd figure they'd charge AT LEAST $600 for it, which would be roughly $20 per season as of now, including commentaries and special features.

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    With the sheer amount of episodes, if a few years you just might as well release the entire series on an 8TB ssd drive that plugs into your tv.
    Well, ya'know if you stay positive and forget about trivial things like "proper characterization," "Satire," and "emotional depth" watching new Simpsons episodes can be a seemingly enjoyable lie.

    I tried watching a new episode the Simpsons, but I realized the show hit a new low, like a brand new, underground parking structure of sadness.

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