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Thread: Rate and review: Family Guy "Girl Internetted"

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    Rate and review: Family Guy "Girl Internetted"

    When Meg suddenly becomes internet famous, she and an excited Peter work together to build her following and create content for her new image that revolves around unhealthy eating. Meanwhile, Brian and Stewie revel in a new ride while Brian's car gets repaired.

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    this was pretty much what I expected: a forgettable grossout fest. some of the streamingcon jokes were funny but this was pretty one note. and although i enjoyed the mark ruffalo scene i really have nothing to say about the hummer stuff (although denis leary as the car mechanic sure was... strange). 2/5

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    Well, that was a pointless episode. Free punch in the face to whoever started the whole "meg is ugly" trend!!

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    Well, that was pretty bad. I wasn't expecting much from the premise, which just seemed like a thin (ha) excuse for rehashed Meg jokes, and that was what we got for the most part - just a string of increasingly gross "gags" until Meg has a random epiphany because she's been influencing people to get fat or something. Oh, and it was interrupted by a parody of The Shining for some reason. The subplot was complete unfunny filler and isn't even worth discussing, and I didn't even know that was Denis Leary until the credits rolled. The Sam Elliott jokes were kind of funny, but wore out their welcome fast. So, yeah... just another boring unremarkable episode to add to the boring unremarkable season 17 collection. How unexpected.


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    Stuff I liked
    Peter's Instagram story up through getting locked in his trunk.
    Meg's describing what she can do.
    Ice cream Peter
    "I'm still an idiot, dad's still an idiot"
    Paul McCartney carpool karaoke

    Stuff I didn't like
    Peter & Chris forgetting Meg's name.
    Corey from Corey's World, as always.
    Everything from Peter's Instagram story after being locked in his trunk.
    Whatever the hell that parody was supposed to be to justify the pointlessness that was Peter stabbing Cleveland.
    The mechanic describing how his wife died.
    Once again for good measure, a completely pointless and totally laugh-free act 4 scene.

    Considering what next week's episode is about, this'll be the last time we see James Woods High under it's original name.

    Yeah, this wasn't really that very good but it wasn't truly bad either, at least up until the point where Meg's feet had to be amputated which culminated into one of the worst ways I've seen the show return to it's status quo. Subplot was... AD! style subplot where it was about 3 or so minutes of pointless filler (with an occasional funny moment) because the main plot ran short.

    1.5/5, rounded up to a 2 for the poll. Would've given it a 2 overall had they not completely screwed themselves during those last few minutes. It would've been nice if this episode had been a little better, at least one more decent offering before the finale would've been nice since like I said last time I'm not really holding my breath for the latter.
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    Why did they use the Gameboy start up screen sound effect when Meg gained followers?

    Just because I'm stupider than them, they think they're smarter than me!
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    I thought the Pancresta commercial was pretty funny, and I liked the scenes of Brian and his Hummer. Didn't much care for most of it though. I actually thought Peter was relatively funny in this episode and Meg acting like a douchey internet celebrity was alright at first, but the gross-out gags don't do anything for me.

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    1) The stuff with the Ice Cream Peter and the Shinning makes me think this stuff was filler for a short script.

    2) Sorry, Brian, but we aren't that open of a society yet to accept bestiality.

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    Out of the Meg episodes this season, this one I'm ranking below Griffin Winter Games. In that episode, Meg showed that she was a badass athlete and was natural and that's why I loved that one. This one had her doing something to get attention and had to pay the price for her feet. The gross gags turned me off and so was the pointless "The Shining" parody. I hate Peter being a psychopath. I hate it when Peter and Chris forgot her name. COME ON!!! kNOCK IT OFF!!! But I was happy when Peter admit that he is an idiot and was kicked out while on instagram. Meg describing what she can with everything bleeped was funny too but that was it. The subplot was something American Dad would do and Brian back being a douche and more unfunny gay jokes. The good part was when Brian and Stewie were sent flying to New Hampshire. This gets a 1.5. I love Meg but I hope we get more Meg episodes in the future and hopefully better than this. More like Griffin Winter Games and no more Stand by Meg and this piece of crap.

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    Pin Pal
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    Continuing my unpopular opinion trend with the show, it was a good Meg episode. Still not a fan of that Corey guy. He's like an animated version of Logan Paul and he also reminds me of Hammer from HTTPete due having the same voice actor. The whole thing feels stupid, but everything about it was fine until it gets towards the end. Subplot feels random, but it was nice having a plot involving Brian's Primus car.
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    I should have mentioned that The Little Piggy was better than this. Meg was a star on the internet because of her feet were the star and it wasn't gross and her parents came to her rescue.

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    I don't quite know how to feel about this one. It started out with some pretty on-point satire of social media usage and influencers/content creators, but then it basically devolved into "Meg is fat and gross". If anything positive came out of the second half of Meg's story it was the running gags with Pancresta, but apart from that, it was uninspired. Brian and Stewie's plot was fairly harmless, but it had its moments. A generous 3/5 because enough of the humour worked for me.
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