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Thread: About Gustavo Dudamel's cameo in The Simpsons

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    About Gustavo Dudamel's cameo in The Simpsons

    Hi everyone!. Venezuelan-Spanish orchestra director, composer and musician Gustavo Dudamel make a cameo on The Simpsons, in the episode "Girl's in the Band", in a Dewey Largo's dream (which ends up being a nightmare) in a 1999 graduation:

    <img src="" height="480" width="853" />

    This could be considered as another reference to Venezuela in The Simpsons, because Gustavo Dudamel is the second venezuelan to appear in the show after Omar Vizquel, which card appears in the episode "Bart's Friend Falls in Love".

    <img src="" height="428" width="390" />

    Coincidencially, 1999 in real life was the year when Hugo Chávez (1954-2013) becomes president of Venezuela for the first time.

    Chavez never appeared in The Simpsons however, his surname appears in one of Homer's tatoos from the episode "My Fair Laddy".

    <img src="" height="480" width="640" />

    But it's only a coincidence because actually it's a reference to an American fourth circuit judge that was called Chavez too.

    I think that Gustavo Dudamel's cameo is because The Simpsons' producers, screenwriters, voice actors, etc.. also know about the chaotic situation of Venezuela. "Girl's in the Band" is the first Simpsons' episode written by Bart Simpson's voice actress Nancy Cartwright. Imagine the Angel Falls in an episode of The Simpsons. That's would be awesome!.

    This thread is not for a offense to the Venezuelans and greetings to NoHomers' Venezuelan users and I hope that Venezuela's political, social and economic crisis be resolved soon. Greetings!. =D
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