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Thread: Spotting Season 18 Bootleg DVD (Chinese Bootleg)

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    Spotting Season 18 Bootleg DVD (Chinese Bootleg)

    I know this is an older subject, but I was just digging around for any information about the Season 19 DVD release and I noticed some people were asking why the Season 18 DVD release didn’t come with a booklet, unlike all the other releases.
    *Comic Book Guy Voice*
    I think one of the reasons why it may have not sold very well, or at least had a lack of sales in the U.S., is partly because of the Chinese bootleg that has been selling quite a lot on both eBay and Amazon.
    This should absolutely be illegal, but it’s going around everywhere.
    I’ve had several people who were very defensive, saying ‘How do you know for sure that this is a Chinese bootleg?! It’s clearly just a different release’. One lady claimed that the DVD with the booklet was a ‘Special Edition’ release, and the one without it is the ‘Regular Release’. Do you really think Fox would go out of their way to release two separate versions of Season 18, the only difference between them being the booklet?
    No, unfortunately I was duped, and so was my brother. I wanted to save a couple bucks, and man was that ever a mistake.
    I noticed immediately when I put in the DVD and watched the first episode that something was wrong.
    Even the menus are pixelated, the episodes themselves look absolutely awful. It’s like watching a bad .AVI file, or some video pulled off youtube in 240p.
    I decided to dig deeper and check out the discs. When I put the first disc in my PC, I noticed that it was pushed down to 4.36 GB.
    The reason for this is because Chinese bootleggers can easily duplicate DVD5 discs is mass amounts. But DVD9 discs are more expensive, so they don’t bother.
    Also I noticed that there was no copyright protection on any of the discs, after checking all 4 discs and confirming that all 4 were compressed DVD5 discs, I knew exactly what I had.
    I made a video on youtube showing the physical differences between the bootleg and the legitimate DVD:

    Just in case anyone still needs more information, here’s the stats when compared (added attachments).
    You can see how the bootleg has been pushed down to 4.36 GB, and the legitimate DVD is 7.66 GB.
    I added the bootleg first and the legitimate DVD second. This is only disc 1, but all 4 are the same.

    The main reason I wanted to post about this is so people are aware to be careful when buying, some people might not care, but collectors definitely will. I would’nt want to pay $18 for a DVD that’s technically worthless.
    Not only that, but these bootlegs unfortunately take away money from the Season 19 sales. So if we want to see Season 19 on DVD, it’s important to buy the legitimate release.
    It’s pretty easy to spot the auctions, they’re usually $17 to $18, the seller will be in the United States, which does make things confusing.
    If you bought your Season 18 set at Walmart, Target, Best Buy, or in-store, you’re good. Unfortunately I live in the boonies and have to order just about everything I buy online.
    I also wanted to make people aware of this, because once they finally do release Season 19, I have no doubt that the bootleggers will be right back at it, bootlegging Season 19 as well.
    The first time I encountered a really legitimate looking bootleg like this was the All In The Family: Complete DVD Set and the Jefferson’s Complete DVD Set. They look totally legitimate, even down to the stickers on the sealed boxes.
    I didn’t think to check them immediately so after I bought them I just put them on my shelf and left them there for 8 months. Eventually, Shout! Factory made a post warning people about legitimate looking bootlegs, so after reading it I thought ‘Oh s**t...’.
    I opened both sets up, watched the first couple DVDs from each set, and just as I feared, the picture was UNWATCHABLE! Seriously, they were so compressed, they look like a pixelated mess.
    And it was too late for me to get a refund because I waited over 8 months.
    Just be careful when buying anything nowadays guys.
    If it’s something you simply can’t get anywhere officially, I don’t see anything wrong with knowingly buying bootlegs. But being fooled like this, thinking you’re buying something that’s officially released on DVD is absolutely wrong.
    If you’ve bought one of these sets recently, get your refund. Don’t let these pirates get away with this garbage.

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    I want to have a image quality comparison between these releases, please. Also what about the menus?

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    Oh dang I just bought my copy of season 18. I'll have to check for this.

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    It's funny. I recently started to re-buy all the DVD's (mine are old, scratched) and I hadn't bought Season 18 previously so I ordered off of eBay. When it arrived I noticed the case looked.... cheap, off. So I decided I would return it and buy a set off Amazon. Although all the discs looked the same, the set I bought off eBay clearly had a counterfit case. Disc quality was all the same, but I still don't want any counterfeits in my collection. I hate knowing this is a problem out there. I can't wait for the Season 19 release now that I've given up on the abomination that it "the Simpsons World" and although anything after Season 20 isn't that great... I would still like to see Fox/Disney release them.

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