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Thread: calling all simpsons fans (the simpsons game)

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    calling all simpsons fans (the simpsons game)

    last year on my old account i told everyone that i attempted to create a fan game with UE4, i continued to work on it until i scrapped it when i realised the potential
    of Xbox360 emulators.

    The Simpsons Game running on the d3d12 branch of Xenia is near perfect, the dream of playing The Simpsons Game in its best form is now a reality.

    A pro to the use of emulators is that they just run code, they don't do security measures on the disc or etc. This means the possibility of modding is right before us.
    I have looked through the game's code and files, and while I have uncovered some interesting things on the game (Crazy Taxi is referenced in the code for the hub world) , I am unable to really do anything with actually
    modifying the game. Yet.

    I have been researching and attempting to extract .str files (essentially the .zip for The Simpsons Game) since last month. When I am able to do this, the game (to my belief) should be fully opened and we will be able to do
    as we wish with it. My reason for this is that every thing is stored in these file types (models/maps/textures/text).

    If you are interested in this, please follow my development at

    A guide to setting up Xenia with The Simpsons Game is also available here

    Thank you all,

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    "last year on my old account"

    What do you mean by this? Are you having trouble getting into your old account?
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