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Thread: Old Aussie home media oddities

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    Old Aussie home media oddities

    I own the original pressing of "Simpsons Summer Special" (the first issue, the second is a reprint of the Simpsons Comics and Stories with It's A Wonderful Knife added (later recombined as Simpsons Comics Special)) which is mostly composed of Simpsons Illustrated comics, a School Survival handbook (later reprinted in The Bart Book) and the Springfield Elementary School newspaper (and Pullable Pranks). There are little breaks for home video advertising, here's some info:

    *"Summer Videos" details the Year One set and the two Year Two sets of VHSs. There are some misspellings, and Year One has a poor-quality image of the US(?) release.
    * Next is the three-disc Season 1 set, shown as a regular DVD case. The discs are referred as CDs (the term DVD IS used) with some weird bullet placements. Notable examples are "ABC News Special on a reported controversy "Good Night Simpsons", "Albert Brooks Outtakes - this is audio recorded over a video montage of images Early Sketches".
    * An ad for "Backstage Pass" and "Love, Springfield Style" (the later given away to 20 "new" subscribers as a gift) directly follows. What's notable here is the mention of New Kids on The Bleech (complete with plot) rather than "Homer's Barbershop Quartet". I need to confirm if someone has an Australian VHS copy, as this seemed to be replaced at the last minute...

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    I checked a listing of the Aussie Backstage Pass VHS and yes, it does include "New Kids on The Bleech". I added it to Wikisimpsons after seeing this (not common there), but it seems interesting for the DVD to have the regular episode and the VHS to include a different lesser-known episode...

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