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Thread: Would anyone else love a Virtual Springfield remake?

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    Would anyone else love a Virtual Springfield remake?

    For my money, it was the greatest Simpsons games ever made. The sheer amount of things you could do and see - from finding Apu's secret garden, to enterting the Stone Cutter's lodge by finding Grandpa's secret key - made it a true joy to play and explore. And, on a more personal note, I'm always touched to see Phil Hartman in the opening, being that it must have been one of the last few Simpsons related things he worked on.
    Would you like to see it remade? Seeing as how VR is now an incomparably bigger thing than it was in 1997 they could actually make Virtual Springfield, y'know, Virtual.
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    That would be boss, but EA owns the rights to Simpsons games. and considering they can still milk tapped out for a little bit they have no need to sell the rights.

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    Yes, I have ALWAYS wanted to play this but never did so I would LOVE them to re-release this!!

    EA really have let the franchise down with the lack of games, I'm pretty sure they promised we were going to get a few for the consoles too when they got the rights but they never did.

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    Definitely! I've always dreamed of playing this but alas I still never have. I think they should remake all the Simpsons video games. Virtual Springfield, Road Rage, Hit and Run, The Simpsons Wrestling and Simpsons skateboarding. I know there's a long list but I think the amount of money Simpsons fans would pay for these would make it worth it.

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    That would be dope in VR for sure but... I dunno if I can go back to 3D rendered Simpsons. They'd have to use that Dragon Ball FighterZ tech.

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