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Thread: Unsolved Mysteries with Robert Stack

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    Unsolved Mysteries with Robert Stack

    Unsolved Mysteries with Robert Stack has a lot to answer when it comes to my nightmares.

    I know the episode was filmed at the height of the 1970s-90s Satanist panic in the Land of the Free, but I'm still shocked that they got away with saying that toddler beauty queen Rachael Runyan was kidnapped to be molested and tortured and killed in a Satanist ritual "snuff" film.

    I need the parodies of UM sometimes. Such as BASEketball ("Update: We still have no idea where the this guy is!")

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    I watched this show frequently last year during a bout of depression and I would always become hyper aware that my life could easily end quickly for no reason. Robert Stack was a great host and I hope the revival finds someone who can do better justice than Dennis Farina.

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