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Thread: R&R this picture of Larry Charles

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    Administrator Sam's Avatar
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    Oct 2010
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    R&R this picture of Larry Charles

    personally i find it a good blend of the mysterious and ridiculous. one of the better pictures i've seen. gotta give rare full marks to this. 10/10

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    hickory smoked dude tyler's Avatar
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    as i scrolled in rapt anticipation for what awaited me to complete the inimitable hobo preacher of the damned ensemble. what would adorn those feet to compliment the duck dynasty chic, the scruffy beard, the kickin' shades to assert a defiant youthfulness, and the mysterious hat to top it all off, insinuating a sense of resigned low-rent confidence one would catch in sillhouette and know, style has come home to roost. what could possibly tie a bow upon this package

    AND LO

    a brazenly equipped duo of spyro tinged crocs, set against such earthly colors so as to insinuate both the minor but essential speckle of vibrancy in an old soul, and defy the aesthetic laws that would suggest such a man be launched into the nearest insane asylum. in his best amish paradise cosplay, he shocks every cortex of the mind with a connection to the beautiful soil beneath him ravished in grape popsicle glory. and it was good. it was good.


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    jammy dogder advisory board jim's Avatar
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    ^ what he said

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    larry charles can eat a dick

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    vs meninism pax's Avatar
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    Definitely reeks of beer and pit stains. 7/10.
    Quote Originally Posted by Elliot76 View Post
    don't feel threatened by a dude who gargles mayonnaise

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