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Thread: Create shitty Simpsons episodes here - Part 2

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    Has Bart ever owned a bear? He has now. A panda bear that is. Bart wins a panda bear as a pet from a radio contest. However, it happens to be the very same panda bear that had assaulted Homer in Homer vs Dignity. After a traumatized screaming fit even louder than the one from The Blunder Years, Homer gives Bart an ultimatum: either the panda goes, or Homer goes. Bart chooses the panda, so Homer runs away.

    In order to support himself, Homer files a lawsuit against Springfield Zoo, holding them responsible for the panda rape. However, Judge Snyder dismisses the case, and tells Homer "if you didn't want to get raped, you shouldn't have dressed up like a panda". This comment sparks outrage throughout Springfield, angry at Judge Snyder for victim-blaming Homer. Lisa organizes a Panda Slutwalk, where the people of Springfield march through the streets dressed up in slutty panda outfits. Milo Yiannopoulous, guest starring as himself, leads a counterprotest where he claims Homer is making false rape accusations against pandas.

    The Problem With Azaria
    A bored and overworked Apu comes up with various funny voices to entertain his customers at the Kwik-E-Mart, and soon realizes he can do a pretty good comedic Jewish accent. Some Netflix executives shopping at the Kwik-E-Mart are impressed by Apu's Jewish accent, and offer him a role as voice actor for a new animated series about a Jewish family called The Azarias. Apu accepts and plays the dad, Harry Azaria, a movie producer, who's married to an investment banker and AIPAC lobbyist.

    Krusty the Klown is offended by the new series for perpetuating harmful Jewish-American sterotypes; he is repeatedly made fun of by other Springfielders calling him "Azaria". To channel his outrage at the show and at Apu, Krusty creates a special television documentary called The Problem With Azaria, where he gather other Jewish comedians to talk about Jewish representation in entertainment: Larry David, Jackie Mason, and Sarah Silverman guest star as themselves. Mindy Kaling guest stars as the octuplets.

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