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Thread: what are your favorite albums from 2018

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    what are your favorite albums from 2018

    post 'em
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    you first

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    but 4 real tha carter v, some rap songs, ye, isolation and now only are my top 5

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    dirty computer
    kids see ghosts
    tha carter v

    shoutout to all nerve, an unexpectedly good new breeders album
    still need to hear a lot from 2018 i haven't yet tho. that's what 2019 is for

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    10. First Aid Kit - Ruins
    9. Little Mix - LM5
    8. Gorillaz - The Now Now
    7. Kali Uchis - Isolation
    6. Pusha T - Daytona
    5. Superorganism - s/t
    4. The Internet - Hive Mind
    3. Years & Years - Palo Santo
    2. Mitski - Be the Cowboy
    1. Janelle Monae - Dirty Computer

    Dishonourable mention: Eminem - Kamikaze

    Turns out its easy to do a top 9 when you've only listened to 10 albums.
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    sam listen to isolation

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    loved fm!

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    dont feel confident in a top 5/10 list this year but i wanted to shout out some hella cool music this year long form style SO award show style here we go!

    in a year of five releases, you gotta give it up for the hardest working lunatic in the business. all five have their worth but i gotta give my golf clap to the underdog in ms teyana taylor for ktse. maybe its because while teyana isnt a brilliantly unique performer she can shape herself to whatever mood she's landed upon, or maybe its because kanye gets to flex his production knack is a more blatantly arrangement centric manner than in most occasions, and doing so in an adventurous variety of ways in eight mere tracks. this should be a classic but it got buried. ill continue to do my best to give it a boost.

    the new twin fantasy is pretty great. is that a cheat? the new field music rules with its gleeful reaching into many an era to cobble together a nice songbook of pop rock, similar to last year's foxygen record. oh and i really like the new titus andronicus but not everyone likes extremely drunken folk punk jam sessions so ymmv.

    beach house's 7! beach house are maybe the most consistent indie band around, always shifting their sound incrementally to maintain signatures but alter textures and moods just enough to create new experiences. 7 is probably their boldest shift, with some of their slowest burns, some uncharacteristic synths, more rock-esque progressions melding into their dream dance tidal wave, its a bright and vivid record with enough lightly applied gimmicks and experiments to make one of their best albums yet. runner up is mitski with be the cowboy, her best yet. seriously hear that if you havent its great.

    tricky but lets give some love to sophie for oil of every pearls un insides. exceedingly eccentric, insidiously industrial, yet pure of heart and warm in a well programmed cyborg kind of way, and immaterial is just a killer piece of minimal yet slyly massive pop, hammers away but never insists upon you. its a tough listen but worth the effort. i also really liked the cut chemist, had all the riotously fun collaging of an avalanches record but with more of a smirk than an earnest smile. oh and against all logic thats good too.

    none of you will hear them but we have a tie: first is portal's ion. portal are the heaviest goddamn band of all time, its so incredibly manic it leaps from mere fast songcraft to electric chair ambience, like the sensation of being thrown into a blender and then said blender being thrown into the bath. closer to power electronics really so im recommending to nooobody but hey this is how i feel. second i gotta clamor for the kings of monolithic bong metal, sleep with their new album the sciences. Its big riffs and its slow and it lurches and winds and lays into you and absorbs you and its tasty mmm.

    quick ep rec, crush by ravyn lenae. so good, so steve lacy. yeah though its room 25 by noname. her impressionist poetry approach to hip hop melds with neo soul, jazz, in some exciting cases polyrhythmic afrobeat, and alot more, to make maybe my aoty but i dont intend to seal that here. suffice to say though its worth your time, itll do in d'angelo's absence. oh yeah and normie runner up dirty computer no shit

    animal collective's tangerine reef! anco never stop surprising and enticing me and the threadbare scuba dive we have here is a lovingly textured whisper, less concerned with the band's trademark harmonies and tree nymph bombast in favor of delicately playful synthetics and well aquatic noises. anco could fill many of these categories depending on the year and i gotta love em for that alone, but this was just a nice surprise. the new pendant is pretty great too, ditto the new g a s.

    turnstile's time and space. it fucking slays. hear it. woo!

    those albums i cant quite easily categorize but that deserve some love. the peaks here would be the ever oddball black moth super rainbow's trippy new panic blooms, quirkily aloof hip dork duo the garden with mirror might steal your charm, and my pick for the intangible trophy in the shape of the concept of my personal adoration, the fantastic new young fathers album cocoa sugar, a volcanic brew of tv on the radio, slave spirituals, evil r&b, and so much more. its one of a kind.

    that is to say late era for an older artist. winner here is easily nine inch nails for their blackstar indebted industrial jazz freakout bad witch, an artistic mangling of the nin formula into surprisingly sophisticated structures. 10s nin has been an upward climb from a rough later 00s but this one particularly shines brightly on some great influence from an album whose ripple effect needed to happen loud and proud. honorable mention for the badass new breeders and ever weird new david byrne.

    no small feat when rap continues to reign supreme. black milk, pusha t, freddie gibbs, michael millions, sheck wes. nah tho its denzel curry's ta13oo, and ive written about as good a testimonial of its greatness i could on my rym so if you care go there pluggity plug.

    tie here. im giving it up for metro boomin's not all heroes wear capes, after a year of mostly silence one of rap's current giants reminds the world why his name has such weight and worth with some of his strongest production yet. on the other hand, JPEGMAFIAs veteran, which for me while not spotless and sometimes more ambitious than genuinely well crafted, when the oblong pieces manage to fit you have an incendiary and excitingly unique sound with one of the best newer voices in rap bar none.

    mount eerie's now only without question. elverum wrings out his still capsized heart on the same brutal subject as his preceding record but with a distance that breeds new angles from which to engage and endure the emotional whirlwind and it craters the soul with passion.

    gotta be tha carter v. man's discography has always been spotty for me but this is a masterpiece and well worth the wait. maybe a little ballad heavy but most of them are good, and there's everything from mannie fresh throwback bops to tpab indebted freeform spitting to keep the long length positively effortless.

    czarface meets the metal face! doom's verses are really never the highlight and he even seems to duck out entirely for stretches but he is such a perfect guest star for this sound and czarface themselves bring some of the best bars of the year, endlessly clever and hot hot HOT. oh and early prediction that they keep this award cuz next year they got a collab w ghostface holy SHIT tho

    phantom thread! johnny greenwood is just the bees knees, and while i havent seen this movie yet the ost conjures and nimble and ascendant ballet through its tasteful and breezy sounds, its intricate but never difficult and its easy to get lost in. runner up? deltarune duh.

    and finally

    this is not worst album, this is a bad album i feel transcends the usual boundaries, and hey you may think you made a bad album or you may not but be wrong. 6ix9ine, fall out boy, 30 seconds to mars, towkio, eminem, panic at the disco. and you did! but mike posner released over an hour of god fuck awful poetry recorded at his shows as a live album. and you will never top that, and you should rest easy knowing your worst cant be….that.

    here's to 2019!

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    Little Dark Age-MGMT
    American Utopia-David Byrne
    Boarding House Reach-Jack White
    Pray for the Wicked- Panic! at the Disco
    Suspiria-Thom Yorke
    Thank You for Today- Death Cab for Cutie
    Quiet River of Dust Vol. I- Richard Reed Parry

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    Some of my favorites this year include Little Dark Age, Kids See Ghosts, You Won't Get What You Want, and Be the Cowboy.

    I'm probably going to be the only one in this corner but Trench took me by surprise in a good way

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    Kacey Musgraves - Golden Hour
    Courtney Marie Andrews - May Your Kindness Remain
    Pistol Annies - Interstate Gospel
    Colter Wall - Songs of the Plains
    Sarah Shook & The Disarmers - Years
    Brothers Osborne - Port Saint Joe
    Pusha T - DAYTONA
    José Luis Braga - Nossa casa
    Bixiga 70 - Quebra cabeça
    Rodrigo Campos - 9 sambas
    Romulo Fróes - O disco das horas
    JMSN - Velvet
    Mahmundi - Para dias ruins
    Lonnie Holley - MITH
    Galcher Lustwerk - 200% Galcher

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    i never posted a list so here it is:

    1. lucy dacus - historian
    2. spiritualized - and nothing hurt
    3. mgmt - little dark age
    4. massEducation - st. vincent
    5. kraus - path
    6. camp cope - how to socialize & make friends
    7. ought - room inside the world
    8. low - double negative
    9. mount eerie - now only
    10. janelle monae - dirty computer
    11. soccer mommy - clean
    12. papercuts - parallel universe blues
    13. grouper - grid of points
    14. car seat headrest - twin fantasy
    15. beach house - 7
    16. camila cabello - camila
    17. snail mail - lush
    18. iceage - beyondless
    19. oneohtrix point never - age of
    20. idles - joy as an act of resistance
    21. half waif - lavender
    22. let's eat grandma - i'm all ears
    23. devon welsh - dream songs
    24. u.s. girls - in a poem unlimited
    25. rhye - blood
    26. jpegmafia - veteran
    27. amen dunes - freedom
    28. vince staples - fm!
    29. nap eyes - i'm bad now
    30. the breeders - all nerve
    31. hop along - bark your head off, dog
    32. saba - care for me
    33. kacey musgraves - golden hour
    34. how to dress well - the anteroom
    35. sheck wes - mudboy
    36. shame - songs of praise
    37. león bridges - good thing
    38. adrianne lenker - abyss-kiss
    39. tierra whack - whack world
    40. chvrches - love is dead
    41. gwenno - le kov
    42. screaming females - all at once
    43. florence + the machine - high as hope
    44. the space lady - on the streets of dreams
    45. parquet courts - wide awake
    46. thom yorke - suspiria soundtrack
    47. of montreal - white is relic/irrealis mood
    48. mitski - be the cowboy
    49. playboi carti - die lit
    50. neko case - hell-on

    everything after the first two is so loosely-ordered they might as well not even be ranked but oh well

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