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    Disco Stu

    What are your thoughts on this character?

    From my recollection he's almost always been presented without much if any depth, but there is an episode (I don't recall which one) where he suddenly shows that there's more to him than there usually appears to be.

    I feel like he hasn't been used much if it all this decade - is that the case?

    Disco Stu... likes disco music.

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    He’s a pretty one-note character. He said in How I Spent My Strummer Vacation that he actually hates disco, and in Springfield Up, there’s a nice fakeout gag where he wanted a captain’s license and turns on some disco music. That’s about as deep as I can remember his character getting.
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    He doesn't treat goldfish humanely.

    That's as far as my thoughts go.

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    The joke in Strummer Vacation only works because he doesn't have much depth. Disco Stu is great as a very minor character; he shouldn't be given much more depth (I felt the same way about the cat lady).
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    I'm with Nitsy here. His appearances have worked and he's been funny because he hasn't been overused or had his character needlessly expanded upon (with that particular gag being a good example). They've gotten some good mileage out of him, given that he was added for one very specific joke.

    The real question is whatever happened to his friend who pointed out the jacket to him?

    ...actually, we probably don't need to see an answer or any depth there, either.
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    Stu isn't exactly super deep and all but it seems unfair to compare him to the cat lady. The latter has pretty much one joke, gibber and throw cats. There's at least a little variety to Stu like the dead shoe fish so he at least has that much going for him.

    I mean usually I'm all for expanding on characters but then in Stu's case he's a bit limited by design. In that respect though, he is one of the better used characters, he isn't getting grating or anything so hey, he's still cool.
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    He's a good little character but he doesn't have much depth and is pretty much there for the gimmick, sure like any character you can get creative and add some story line around them like Stu could easily be one in regards to him idolising John Travolta (probably) and the reason why he so wants to be this kind of character (maybe he was lonely) however they are pretty much created for that quick laugh and gimmick really for them to come in, do their thing, give their little catchphrase, make you laugh and go, I guess they're kind of random characters and sometimes they're best kept that way.

    It's a little like Duffman, he's kind of the same

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    I liked when he was cured of his disco obsession. Now I'm just Stu. Nothing Stu.
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