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Thread: Arbitrate and Adjudicate South Park: "Buddah Box"

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    Arbitrate and Adjudicate South Park: "Buddah Box"

    anxiety is pretty hot. lets have cartman make fun of it. also craig. and continuty. revue
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    the Muppet Babies intro recreation sequence made me starry eyed with nostalgia, other than that the only interesting thing that happened during this episode was the PlayStation Classic ad that aired during it.
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    I liked the scenes with the pc babies, like them 'protesting' the construction, or the guy at the bar calling his drink a "pussy drink," and I liked the first act well enough, but nothing else really stood out to me. favorite line was probably cartman's therapist telling him how anxiety is just an excuse to "Be lazy and lame to everyone around you." oh yeah, and I enjoyed Cartman's mini meltdown in the street.

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    Anyways, here's Phil Payton's review of "Buddha Box".

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