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    Thank you I needed to hear that.It was very troubling as most if all people like receiving compliments and Id be lying if I said I didnt wear those pants solely to get said compliments but once it happened it felt wrong almost as if I stopped being a person and suddenly became an object for these sick freaks to ogle while getting their jollies and thrills at my expense.A part of me died on this day.

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    Some people have before. One girl complemented my hair a few days ago, and one boy called me cute when I was wearing a tuxedo (for chorus concert). Probably a few others i'm forgetting
    You're a dolt with the IQ of a peabrain that probably loves lowbrow sitcoms like The Big Bang Theory, Frasier and Seinfeld to not grasp the biting satire and wit of the classic 65 (Rugrats).

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    People considered me to be cute as a younger boy (15-25 years ago)

    Some of the stuff my mother says to our dog is identical to what was said back then.

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