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Thread: Disconnected first acts: the game

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    Disconnected first acts: the game

    Given the propensity for The Simpsons to have a first act tangentially tie into a second and third acts with entirely different arcs and premises I was wondering if we might envision ourselves as Simpsons writers and try something similar. Who knows if this will be any fun, but I sure am curious.

    Poster A will come up with a plot idea for a Simpsons episode, poster B will do the same.

    Poster C will then attempt to make the poster A's plot the tangentially related first act and find a way to bridge it into the second and third acts of poster B's (and also maybe give it a snappy episode title). If Fear of Flying and I (Annoyed Grunt)-Bot can do it, so can we.

    I'll get the ball rolling; "Homer is convinced to let a tech startup operate out of his garage."

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    (ooh this was a good idea)

    "The tech startup does everything to convince Homer to invest in Bitcoin, which he mistakenly believes is an idea to sell bacon for pennies.

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