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    I need help transcribing a handful of lines from The Simpsons Road Rage (2001 video game)

    This doesn't quite feel like the right board, but none of the ones in the "The Simpsons" category do either.

    So I have been transcribing all the lines of dialogue from The Simpsons Road Rage, probably to dump on YouTube, though I guess that doesn't strictly need a transcription done in order to do so. I don't know what the hell I'm doing with my life. There are 2192 audio files containing dialogue, ignoring menus, cutscenes and credits, totalling 86 minutes (if VLC is accurate - it might not be with such short clips), so this has been a right pain, but I'm pretty much done. Some are duplicates,

    There are just a few left that I'm having issues with. Here they are as an unlisted YouTube video. Don't worry, it's not much over a minute:

    Alternatively, you may download the audio files in question. It's split into two archives due to this website's file size limit:

    If any of you can help me out with getting these into text, that would be great. Here's a breakdown of the files and the issues with them:

    Edit: I have now cut this back a bit. Even if no-one replies, uploading the clips to YouTube was a good idea, as it automatically subtitled it which helped with a few terms and a name.

    Could be "move your clumsy vehicle", but it doesn't sound quite like that. "tumse" appears to be a Hindi term, which it does sound like, but that wouldn't make sense in this context.

    Ignore 00109.
    Ignore 00218.

    "Don't forget to write!"? I'm not sure.

    Ignore 00365.

    "I haven't felt this much pep since the night"...?

    Ignore 00383.
    Ignore 00400.

    "[...] I keep kosher just to be safe" - Is that right?

    00670 / 00671
    This sounds very much like a German character, but I can't picture who. These are the only two sound clips of this character, and I don't remember if I've heard them in the game or not. Possibly a generic character, but why would they sound German?

    Sounds similar do "God darn it", but not quite that.

    Ignore 00771.

    00798 / 00799
    "Dog gunnit"?? It's probably just gibberish, but if you have any ideas, let me know.

    Ignore 00923.

    01039 / 01045 / 01063 / 01070 / 01090 / 01103 / 01107
    I've spent so damn long on Krusty that I can't be bothered saying anything about these. His lines in this game seem to consist purely of American and Yiddish terms, resulting in more Googling than anyone should ever have to go through. Possibly gibberish too, listening to these. If you can put them into text, that would be splendid.
    (01045 was sorted by Google)
    (01090 is obvious, but what would the preferred spelling of "tatas" and "naenaes" be?)
    (01103 - "[???], thanks to viagra!")

    Ignore 01275.

    01340 / 01399
    "Ow! My tooshie-woo"?

    Ignore 01670.

    Is this Hyman Krustofsky? Sounds like him, but "oof" isn't much to go off. He is in the game, but from my memory he stays silent. As a side note, there are a few characters in the game that are standing around waiting to be picked up, but have no lines and can't be picked up. It depresses me.

    02106 / 02144
    Neither of these lines seem to come close to making sense.

    "Gah! Since we started, Briggadona's come back twice." is what this sounds like, but I have no idea what he is referring to or the correct spelling.

    Cheers in advance if anyone can be bothered to be of assistance. I don't even check in this board, so I know I wouldn't.
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    Sounds exciting

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    literally the best thread ever made

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    00009 - I hear "Move your tum se vehicle!" too. I feel like it could be writers picking a hindi word they've heard before because it sounds like dumb or clumsy without regard to the actual definition and assuming nobody would be the wiser
    00237 - "Don't forget to write!"
    00376 - "I haven't felt this much pep since the night I coldcocked Calvin Coolidge!"
    00581 - Sounds right to me
    00670/00671 - No clue about this mystery german.
    00688 - "Consarn it!"
    00798/00799 - "Stop, dog gunnit!" like a shortening of dog gone it
    01039 - "These meshuggina drivers are verkackte!" (farkakte is also acceptable)
    01063 - "Ugh, that'll cost the city a few hundred samoas" - I assume shortening of samoleans, a bastardizion of simoleon but I can't find evidence of it ever being used before
    01070 - "Ohhh, I think I just seltzered myself"
    01090 - I would go with ta-tas and nay-nays
    01103 - "Plenty... thanks to Viagra!"
    01107 - "...ixnay on the ornography-pay"
    01340 / 01399 - "Ow! My tushie! Whoo!"
    01683 - Sounds too high-pitched to be Krustofsky
    02106 - "Get in, ya bath-taking, underpants-wearing lily-hugger"
    02144 - "Oh, come on, you mockers"
    02170 - Seems to be referencing this:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dark Homer View Post
    Sounds solid. Cheers for your input. Ugh, the mystery German is going to be bothering me now. I'll run over some of the NPCs that stand about in the game and see if I can pin down those two mystery voices.

    P.S. Your website is brutal, but true:
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    670 and 671 sound like Dr. Nick Riviera, although I don't know why he would be saying, "Nein"

    798 is "Stop, doggone it!"; I think 799 is also "doggone it", but it comes out more like "doggun it" - it could just be the way Grampa says it

    1063 is "a few hundred shamolas"; probably a "fake Yiddish" version of samoleans

    My guess for 1683: Comic Book Guy

    2170: Brigadoon - a city that appears for one night once every 100 years; it's a stage musical that also has a film version

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    Quote Originally Posted by That Don Guy View Post
    670 and 671 sound like Dr. Nick Riviera, although I don't know why he would be saying, "Nein"
    My guess for 1683: Comic Book Guy
    Dr Nick and Comic Book Guy's lines are 01657 - 01682 and 00486 - 00516. It won't be them, or anyone with a notable presence in the game (Apu, Barney, Bart, Bumblebee Man, Burns, Comic Book Guy, Dr Nick, Edna, Flanders, Frink, Gil, Grampa, Hibbert (cut from game but referred to in files), Homer, Jasper, Kent (cut from game but referred to in files), Krusty, Lisa, Lovejoy, Marge, Milhouse, Moe, Moleman, Mr Plow (AKA Homer), Nelson, Otto, Quimby, Ralph, Sea Captain, Skinner, Snake, Squeaky-Voiced Teen, Wiggum, Willie). I agree it does sound like Dr Nick though. Comic Book Guy... eh, I'm not hearing that one.

    Anyway, at least we have 00798/00799, 01063 and 02170 sorted out, and with everything Dark Homer said I think we're pretty much done here. Still not sure about the mystery German and the other character, but I'll see if I can reach a conclusion on either of them tonight. Had a look in the human-readable portion of the game files but didn't find any references to characters other than those who can be picked up. Currently my only thought on the mystery German is it's potentially the one with glasses from S03E11, but I'm not convinced on the voice and that would be a strangely minor character to include.

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    Update: I have now spun up the game and uncovered some mysteries. Apologies for the TV photos, but you can see well enough what's what.

    The first Lego figure is where the "oof" comes from. He also says "hey", which... isn't helpful, as I don't seem to have that in my audio rip, and instead have a duplicate of "oof". Anyway, that's definitely Krustofski.

    The second character is the German. Although the colours don't match (red tie instead of navy, blue suit instead of grey, brown hair instead of black), there's not many German characters in The Simpsons, so I guess it must be the guy I included a still of above as that's the one he bears the closest resemblance to.

    The other two I included because I'm fairly certain they are actual characters from the show but I can't place a name. See, there are three male characters in the game that share two lines, and three female characters for which only placeholder lines exist, so they stay silent. On the male side there is Dizzy the Duff beer mascot, the Capital City Goofball and the man in the green suit pictured above. On the female side, there is Lurleen Lumpkin, Old Jewish Man (obviously he's male, but he's the only silent man and there are three female placeholders so I put two and two together) and the lady pictured above. I'll do some Googling for them tomorrow if no-one knows - it's getting a bit late tonight.

    Edit: The woman appears to be Dr Zweig and the man Bob Arnold. My word, they have some obscure characters in this game.
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