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    Paradise PD

    Could have sworn there was a thread for this, but the Brickleberry revival premiered on Netflix today. I loved the show in high school and my first year in college, but I've grown far away from shock humor. I enjoy something if it's funny, but pure shock is more of an eyeroll for me now.

    Out of boredom, I decided to watch the first episode of Paradise PD. it highly rips off Brickleberry, yet it actually takes a couple surprising twists. The Connie/Ethel setup has been reversed, where now it's a hot pervert chasing a fat dude. Just like the original, it isn't funny.

    The talking dog is dumb, but it's not a forced presence like Malloy. Steve and Woody are back exactly in their roles like the last show. Even the unfunny rednecks are back under lazy illustration changes.

    Even differently though, it's obvious Netflix paid less for this than CC did Brickleberry. The animation is lazier and most of the side characters look alike. I've only seen the first episode, but even the plot and dialogue rips off the second Brickleberry episode.

    As much as I give Big Mouth shit for being gross, the difference is that the characters are just slightly more human than the imbeciles on Paradise PD. I doubt I'll pull a Pacific Heat to figure out if the show gets any better.

    @Shaunbadia any chance you'd watch this?

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    Netflix animation is such a mixed bag these days. You might have a really good show like Bojack Horseman, but then you have shit like Pacific Heat(which I'm sure can lead to brain cell loss).

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    Watched it all. Harmless fun. There's a couple of big laughs and a nice story arc. Also there's a massive Better Call Saul reference which I really wasn't expecting anyone to do. A solid 3/5.
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    Watched all of it. Didn't really find anything in it funny outside of the 3rd episode about Fitzgerald shooting at his own reflection in bulletproof glass leading to a whole media debacle about an innocent black man being shot by a cop even though it was him shooting himself by accident. Weird that they attempted to serialize it but I suppose that's just a prerequisite for Netflix cartoons at this point.

    What I did find hilarious in a way I didn't think I was supposed to was how unapologetic the show is in being a Brickleberry clone. You have Kevin and Randall who are both just carbon copies of Steve and Woody right down to being voiced by the exact same VAs doing the same voices to the side characters like the doctor who's name I can't recall that was once again Tom Kenny doing his Brickleberry character Dr. Kuzniak and of course, Bobby Possumcods and Bodean returning as uh... the fuck are they called now? Robby and Dilbert or something like that? Again, voiced by Waco O'Guin and Roger Black.

    @Startug, I don't know if you've watched beyond the first episode since you made the OP, but in the 9th episode they directly call themselves out for all of this, with Kevin trying to make a comatose Fitzgerald seem like he's talking by moving his mouth and having him toss out the insult "You Brickleberry looking bitch!" to which Kevin replies something to the effect of "Hey now, that's a completely different show". Then later on when we cut back to them in the hospital, he's still going with "Why the long face? Comedy Central cancel your show again?" to which he responds "I told you, we're cops, they're park rangers! Totally different!" before changing the subject but referring to Fitzgerald as Denzel before continuing.
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    I watched the second episode. This show just isn't fun for me. A few chuckles, but I'm really surprised Netflix added it. Based on their desire not to be a particular platform where all shows follow the same line of quality, I guess it was inevitable this got added. Even one of the writers on Bubbleblabber didn't like this.

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