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    NHC Music Showdown Archive

    I hate googling for these every time and the forum search works at the moment so yeah enjoy.

    2018 Summer (Carl Carlton) [zach]
    2018 Winter (Miracle Musical) [kaos]
    2017 Summer (The Db's) [jim]
    2017 Winter (Udell) [tormented]
    2016 Summer (No Trend) [box elder]
    2016 Winter (Freddie Gibbs & Madlib) [ned]
    2015 Summer (Willie Dunn) [ned]
    2015 Winter (Cornelius) [deadname]
    2014 Summer (Eleven Pond) [SVT]
    2014 Winter (Funkghost) [zombies]
    2013 (Squirrel Nut Zippers) [pops]

    2018 Summer (Beyond Good & Evil) [panther]
    2017 Winter (Major Magnet) [tormented]
    2017 Summer (Turrican II) [tormented]
    2016 Winter (Mighty Switch Force 2) [Jims]
    2016 Summer (Brigador) [insomnia]
    2015 Winter (Grow Home) [Shaunbadia]
    2015 Summer (De Blob) [Jims]
    2014 Winter (Risk of Rain) [Xaiv]
    2014 Summer (To the Moon) [Smiling Politely]

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