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    Question The Simpsons, a brand within a brand (Plus the true origin of Duff Beer)

    One of the things with The Simpsons is that it not only is one of the greatest shows of all time but it's also become a massive franchise in it's own right, pretty much everything has had Simpsons on it at some point to help sell the product and they even have brands within the brand such as Duff Beer, you know that when people see the Duff cans in stores, no matter what there are going to be people who are wanting to get it, the same goes for the Flaming Moe too, it's just a huge thing that has been done so well and is nothing but an absolute credit to the team and their quality of writing and the show.

    So I was wondering what you guys felt were brands within The Simpsons that work well and can sell as themselves, as mentioned above the Flaming Moe and Duff Beer are two that work really well but they are so recognisable you don't even have to have a logo on saying "A product of The Simpsons", they became big enough in their own right, it's kinda like Duff Beer is it's own thing that was launched from The Simpsons.

    Maybe the Krusty Burger could work though I'm sure there's many other things within The Simpsons you feel could sell in their own right due to how recognisable they have become from the show.

    Also, I'm not sure how many of you have seen but Time recently wrote an article on the true origin of Duff beer, I never knew about the Guns & Roses thing (I've only heard of Axl Rose and Slash) however apparently one of the members thought it was to do with him, though it was something Jay Kogan randomly came up with.

    Here is the article:

    At last Simpsons fans know how Duff beer became Duff beer.

    In his new book Springfield Confidential, longtime writer, producer and prior showrunner of The Simpsons Mike Reiss dispenses plenty of inside information on the longest-running network television show in America. Some of that intel includes the back stories on a number of character names — and product names.

    There’s been a myth circulating that Duff Beer, Homer Simpson’s favorite cold one, is named after Guns N’ Roses bassist Duff McKagan, based on McKagan’s own statements on the matter in his memoir It’s So Easy: And Other Lies. But as Reiss now notes, maybe we should be paying more attention to the title of that book to begin with, because the beer name doesn’t actually have anything to do with the musician after all. Instead, his claim is just a “cute fake story.”

    “We needed a name for Homer’s favorite beer, and Jay Kogen came up with Duff,” Reiss writes in a piece excerpted by Entertainment Weekly, referencing fellow former Simpsons producer Kogen. “No, it was not named after Duff McKagan, bassist for Guns N’ Roses; we’d never heard of this guy. Have you? McKagan loves to claim we called him and asked to use his name: ‘I knew nothing about branding yourself then or the royalties off it. I just thought cool, they wanna use my name and boom, The Simpsons was born. Yeah, if I had a nickel for every time … but it’s fine.’”

    So I was wondering a couple of things.

    1. What brands within The Simpsons do you feel can work well and sell as a brand of their own?
    2. How many of you knew about the Duff Beer origin & had anyone heard the Guns & Roses thing before?

    I look forward to hearing from you guys as you always create some great discussions, though I would like to know what you guys think?

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    I guess the Kwik-E-Mart could function as a general convenience store, and I probably wouldn’t bat an eyelash. I finished Springfield Confidential yesterday, but I didn’t know about the origin before I read it.
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    Yeah the Kwik-E-Mart could work too, it's mad how much The Simpsons have cemented all this lol

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    I need to buy Springfield Confidential still, but I will for definite.

    I saw the thing about the origin of Duff the other day, I didn't even know about the fake origin story.

    In terms of other brands, I quite like Duff, and it is the main one that's universally recogninsed.

    And there's obviously the whole Krusty Brand thing, but maybe they could do something specifically with Krusty Burger.

    They could do Kwik-E-Marts as actual stores, but I'm pretty sure they did up 7-11s as Kwik-E-Marts for a promo for The Simpsons Movie, which looked really fun.

    Also, there's the Squishees in The Simpsons at the Kwik-E-Mart, which I think are meant to be Slurpees from 7-11s (I don't know for sure, I don't live in the USA).

    I always felt they could have done a bit more with Buzz Cola. I think its a brilliant name for a Coca-Cola/Pepsi type drink.
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