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    Escape Rooms

    Now that they've been referenced on Bob's Burgers, The Simpsons, Modern Family, and probably other current shows, it's time for a thread about this latest fad.

    I first went to an escape room in March, did one in Sacramento and one in San Jose the next week. They were both fun, albeit the second one was much more difficult (we had to ask for help three times compared to none at the first one). Also, while we solved both puzzles, the second one we were able to solve by guessing the last couple of puzzles so we actually finished with some of the clues still undeciphered. And with the first one our group was so big that I felt like I only contributed minimally. But overall I enjoyed them and I'd go again.

    Have you been to an escape room? What did you think? Have any favorites?
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    I've never been to one in my life. But it does seem like some weird adaptation of what you have to do sometimes in some video games - that's what I first thought of when I first heard of them anyway.
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    I only play the online escape games like Viridian Room n such. I was really into them years ago though and fell out of it.
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