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    Trivial/dumb accomplishments that you're proud of (or somewhat proud of)

    A few examples, from the website of the guy I talked about in the "Jobs where there's no or no actual work to do" thread (

    2. One time I was skiing at Kirkwood with some friends and we were having lunch and some beers in the parking lot but didn't have a bottle opener and I was able to find the perfect car hubcaps next to mine to open the beers with.

    5. When my company blocked various websites related to "games" stopping me from doing my daily Jumble at and I was able to circumvent their blocking by going to, thus masking the URL.

    7. When a drink lady in Vegas asked me what I wanted and I said "gin" and she said "Do you want anything in it?" and I said no, just straight gin and she shivered and made a sound of repulsion. To get a reaction like that from a hardened Vegas worker that sees so much sleaze and craziness is something to be proud of.

    9. One summer I was home from college and had a temp job at Wells Fargo for a month which involved looking up people's account balances, writing them on a form, and then stamping the form with 3 stamps. I figured out an efficient stamping method by which I'd finish all the looking up of the numbers and the writing, and then do the stamping in one long streak holding all three stamps in one hand, one pointing out left, one pointing down, and one pointing right, and was able to speed the process by doing all three stampings on each form in one fluid movement.

    16. I got a tie at a thrift store in San Diego for 25 cents in 1996 that I've worn on job interviews and is still something I would wear with a suit as it is a classic that will never go out of style.

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    Getting John Kricfalusi to draw Stimpy and sign my box of Junior Mints after he did an animation showcase at a local theatre.

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    Winning a £200 bid on a racket stringing machine on eBay a few years ago.

    No, wait. That was probably luck, rather than an actual accomplishment.
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    The av club asked matt groening about a fact I'd added to his wikipedia page

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    Trivial? OK, I’ll give you trivial. In third or fourth grade, in the dictation category on a spelling test, the sentence we had to write ended with “too,” and the teacher pointed out to the class that I was the only one who didn’t spell it “to.” Was pretty proud of that.

    My 15 minutes of school fame came in junior high in a PE class. We were playing backboard dodgeball, where the teams are on opposite sides of the gym, and if you throw a ball and hit the backboard of the basketball hoop on the other side, everyone who is out can come back in. I was the last person in on my team and was facing about seven people, and I dodged everything thrown at me. I was diving on the floor, jumping, and running from side to side. When all the balls were on my side of the gym, I grabbed a ball and heaved it to the other side as far as I could. Throwing was never my strong point, but I was able to hit the bottom corner of the backboard to let everyone back in. I was mobbed and was the talk of the class for the rest of the day.
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