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Thread: rice purity test

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    You're BoJack Horseman, no cure for that.

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    What the fuck is horizontal kissing? Anyone else come from a place that's not sexually repressed and so have trouble with euphemisms even with a Literature degree?

    I'll tell ya it's somewhere ~30 depending on how you interpret the questions.
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    Party time... excellent...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andre View Post
    wait i got 75 now
    wait i meant 74

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    i meant 69

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    34 if checking things off with the loosest possible interpretation. To be honest I regret almost all of it, so it would be unwise to become jealous of me.

    Also from the title I was expecting either an actual purity test for rice, or something racist like the paper bag test.

    Wait, what I already did this last year?

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    I got 66 this go around

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    Quote Originally Posted by skully the poltergeist View Post
    now 49
    yeet or get yeeted

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    I don't know who are these people advertising various Rice Purity Test websites. I don't think this thread will live longer.

    Anyway, I got 72.
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    They are spam bots and always are. No need to respond to or acknowledge them.
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    74 then my partner 56
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    The Miseducation Of Lisa C+
    Frinkcoin B-
    Bart The Bad Guy B
    Screenless B-
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    Warrin Priest Part 2 B-
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