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    The Henry Shoa-w (My Animated Series)

    This is a series I have been developing and working on since 2008.

    For anyone wondering why it's called "The Henry Shoa-w" but Adel is the main character and Henry is just somewhere inbetween there. First of, I want to look for a better title, and secondly, I'm Henry - it's like - It's my show. I made it. I'm the creator. That's what the title is meant to say. (I ain't a kiddy fiddler though.)
    Also, I kinda want everyone to be the main character. I want a title like "South Park" - where it can just be about anything, doesn't have to have rules. I can be the main character, Adel can be, Brendon-- etc.

    This show is basically Steven Universe's evil brother.
    It's like SU, just in the complete opposite direction.

    It's self-admittedly right-wing propaganda.

    It's like satire of a wacky sitcom, just that all characters re-present all types of people from the Internet, only it's not on the Internet and they all live together ... in the real world!

    Also, this is something inspired by Spongebob Squarepants, Stephen Hillenburg said that all characters are based on the 7 deadly sins, right?

    So, I have something similar,

    Adel and Maurice - Internet Trolls
    Brendon - Social Justice Warrior / Target of trolling
    Fat Kid Shrimp - People like Adalia Rose
    Emilio - Underage children on the internet / Crazy nationalists
    Henry - The alt-right
    Vince - Sexual predators
    Penny - People who think they understand politics

    It's also like an animated version of 'Viva La Bam' / 'Jackass' since its a troll vs. someone getting trolled (you know, like when they piss off Don Vito?), just not on the internet - but in real life. So Adel and Maurice prank Brendon and are every episode and get out of their ways to piss him off.

    He is like Mr. Wilson from Dennis the Menace, except that here Dennis the Menace are two sadistic lunatics and Mr. Wilson is a social justice warrior.

    COME ON, if that is not the best premise for a series ever... then I don't know what is.

    The characters:


    Adel is the main character.
    He is an American St. Bernard dog. He is Maurice's best friend, they always go on crazy adventures and both share a love for fast food... or any food in general. He's also an IRL-troll. He is at constant odds with Brendon.

    Him and Maurice act to Brendon, like the sociopathic frat boy counter parts of Spongebob and Patrick to Squidward. Plus alcohol, drug abuse and setting bear traps infront his door as "pranks".
    He is incredibly fat, absolutely disgusting and is prone to get into shouting matches with other characters. Adel also wears Burger King hat, he has four fingers on each hand, but five toes on each foot, he has four eyebrows, little wing ears and his tongue almost always hangs from his mouth.


    A blue cat - for some reason.
    Even though him and Adel share many interestes and like eachother alot, he is somewhat nicer than him which leads him to get bullied into joining in on his frat-boy behavior. He almost always takes his side, no matter how insane his actions are, possibly 'cause he's got a major blue boner for him.


    Brendon is a social justice warrior and a Liberal. He is the villain of the show.

    (This was before PC Principal, by the way - I have proof, I got a Facebook page and I posted his character description on there in like 2014, a year and a half before that episode even came out.)

    His violent ways to reach Political Correctness ironically make him the most politically incorrect character in the whole series.

    He promotes Political Correctness and calls people edgy, when he's the most violent, rude and offensive character on the show.

    He's meant to be a yeti. One of the running gags is that he always gets mistaken for a monkey, mon-chi-chi or a muppet.

    Henry (born Henry Shicklgruber):

    Donna J. Trump's maniacally jealous and violent boyfriend / lover.

    He is an alt-right, wannabe-macho that terrorizes every other character on the show.

    He is a German-American.
    Many modern Germans are very Liberal and multi-cultural.
    .......He is not, however.

    He has strange, pointy ears and often acts extremly ghoulish for a human being.

    He is extremly creepy and unpleasant and it's heavily implied that he's a serial killer, necrophiliac, torturer, animal abuser, zooaphile and child molestor.

    Or in short, he seems to show an extreme amount of negative qualities in a human being.

    The fact that hes a kiddy fiddler plays a huge role in the show. Sometimes, when the characters are on a playground and he spots a kid with a lollipop - he smirks and starts doing a moonwalk towards it with the instrumental of Michael Jackson's "Thriller" playing and he spins around and points at the kid with two index fingers, clicking his tongue.

    Everyone thinks he is a 7–14 year old, though in reality, he actually is a vampiric troll in suit and tie, and everyone is utterly clueless about this fact, even Donna herself.

    Brendon hates his guts almost even worse than Adel's and they have an on-going rivalry.

    He has a massive temper. The other characters are always unaware of how fucking dangerous he is, they have no idea that he is a serial killer, and often, they escape death just barely. Nobody ever realizes that there is something really off about him.

    At the end of episode 1, everyone is laughing heartily, one of them ruffles their hand through his hair and he says,
    "Hahaha. Oh, I will kill you all in the last episode!" everyone keeps laughing as they don't pay attention his words, just before the credits roll.

    Despite his aggressive attitude, Henry is deeply insecure about himself and will often answer with even more violence and hatered.

    It is heavily implied that he was abused, because nothing else could screw up a kid so much.

    Donna J. Trump:

    The President of the United States. Donald Trump's hot, young, female version. She is madly in love with Henry and will do anything to make him happy, no matter how much of a little bastard he is.

    She lives with him in the White House where he manipulates her power into doing all kinds of atrocities to people he loathes, and despite being a serious woman, she acts like a giddy high school girl towards him. The way one would towards a typical "bad boy" - but for all the wrongest reasons... (Ghouls and child molesters count as bad boys, don't they?)

    Her and Henry spend their days partying, screwing and torturing Vice President Pence instead of solving world problems.

    On occasion, Henry does return some form of affection to her, even if extremely rarely, like beating up Stephen Colbert for thoroughly harassing her on his TV show.

    The "J." stands for 'Janet'.

    Green Swastika Guy:

    Another beautiful character in my animated series.
    He's like the 'Krusty the Clown' of the show. He like has a 'Kids Show' and it's all national socialist propaganda.
    Germany's #1 Children Entertainer.

    It's like a total HIT in Germany, and it even sells merchandise, toys and cornflakes in America. German children love it.

    Fat Kid Shrimp: (yet to be drawn)

    The most important character in the series.
    He is a satire of trolled children on the internet, like Adalia Rose, which always rile up a SJW-crowd.

    Vince the Wacky Necrophiliac:

    He is the beloved anti-hero of the show. He is a brutal rapist and has sex with dead bodies but he's also an all-around pretty fun and lovable guy.

    Emilio Baker:

    A 10 year old, cringeworthy, out-of-control, Italian kid that smokes Marijuana, idolizes Undertale and wears a bandana. He is a huge Pewdiepie fan.

    He is a satire of underage kids on the internet and these crazy, deluded nationalists from like Eastern European countries - You know like, when the countries are SUPER shit yet they think it's like the BEST thing ever and will do everything it takes to defend them?
    That's hilarious.

    I also want him to be ridicilously young, like, I want him to be born in 2006 and have him not know who George W. Bush or Hitler are.


    His name is Penny.
    He is an original character, okay?
    He is not a rip-off of Lenny from 'The Simpsons', okay.

    Character: He is very angry about the current political system.
    Catchphrase: "Hello."
    Age: 20's-80's
    Favorite food: Hot Wings

    One of the running gags is every time the characters are tackling an important subject, Penny enters the frame and asks "What's for dinner?" even though it has nothing to do with what the characters are talking about, then a huge laugh track is heard. Some of these characters may or may not know who Penny is.

    Kim Jong Un:

    He has a hopeless crush on Donna Trump, but she just always insults him on Twitter.

    Other stuff:

    Some pictures got non-genderbent Trump because originally it was just Donald and Henry.

    I got the idea for Donna from this picture I found online, I drew her and then I started getting more ideas, but yea, the drawing of her is based on this:

    You can do all the things with Donna you can do with male Trump and more.

    Male Trump has a great voice though... Yea, but anyone can do that, everyone does that. Everyone parodies his voice. So... I went with Donna.

    Some people told me to just have both and make her a relative but nahhhh, then it wouldn't be the same thing! Then she wouldn't be THE Trump. It would just be a random woman. Donna IS him, meaning she used to have the Apprentice and everything he did.

    Another thing is, I had no female characters.
    Total sausage fest. Yea, there are some background characters, but no main character.
    This way, not only would it have a female character but it would be one of the best characters.

    The main reason for my struggle was cause I love the design of my male Trump, his hair looks more iconic, like the real one. It's seriously been a painful decision.

    Another thing is, while Henry and Donald would have a pretty sweet bromance. Donna and Henry truly do love eachother even with how messed up it is. I think that's kinda cute.

    It's also meant to re-present my love for Donald Trump.

    However, this isn't "The Trump Weekly Show" or whatever - well obviously, I started this almost a decade before I even knew Donald Trump would run, forget about win.
    First of all, it's pro-Trump, so either way, the jokes regarding that are aimed at the oppsite side. Secondly, the jokes are in good fun.

    This all came in at the very last second. It's more of a B-story. But growing up, I always loved stuff that had to do with politics, Washington and the White House, that's why I want it in it.

    The animation:

    The animation is traditionaly done. Scanned in, with painted backgrounds. Some of these are done digitally, same for the backgrounds - Photoshopped, but those are really, really old, I switched since a couple of years. So, about 90% is all paper.

    Another thing is, I think it mostly has a digital look, but sometimes, I wanna have some scenes look a little like cel-animation:

    Here, for instance, this is not my show but a drawing test for a a Simpsons thing I tried making - I tried to make it look like cel-animation. I really like the way this looks and it made me consider something.

    I think I did a really flawless job at faking it. The coloring is digital but flat colors are flat colors, it doesn't really make a difference. It's all about the outlines. The thing is, when people color digitally, they use absolutely flawless colors. You need to use warmer colors to get that look, like when you shoot something, the white never looks fully white.

    Another thing you have to do, when you scan the drawing in, if you wanna go for a more digital look, scan it by "document", but for this I used "photograph" so that you can clearly see the lines when zooming in. Digital has darker, blacker lines. Photograph makes it look more transparent, that's how cels look. And you put shadows behind the drawing.

    I was thinking about animating the entire first episode of my own animated series this way. So that the very first episode looks like something from the 80's or 90's.

    I actually kinda like a digital look, as long as the drawings are all done by hand. I feel like it suits my show better. I love raunchy looking adult cartoons from 2003–2006–ish - like Drawn Together. I want my thing to look like that - but I do wanna have one episode like that just for the sake of it.

    I think the idea of a cartoon that looks just like a 90's saturday morning cartoon in the 2010's is a really, really cool idea. I think this really can fool someone to believe it was made decades ago. (Not the ones I posted before, I mean the one that would look like the Simpsons thing.)

    More shots:

    Donna and Henry South Park Style:

    Unfinished shots:

    Clay Brendon:

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    This is really in-depth. The only problem you face is the satire becoming dated very fast, but in the time we're in now, your show will strike a relevancy chord very well. I hope you able to show this off soon.

    You're BoJack Horseman, no cure for that.

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    I’m pretty sure I had an aneurysm reading that

    Quote Originally Posted by IdiotDetector View Post
    Two and a Half Men is no more an "adult show" than "Rocket Power."

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    Fuck Donald Trump. #NotMyPresident

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    What about fifteen seasons, two movies and a Lady Gaga episode?

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    This is such an incredibly strange pitch. I had something constructive to say, but by the time I got to Fat Kid Shrimp and his weird Seaman looking animation, I was lost.

    If you're going to make this show, start making episodes or pitching it places soon because its satire could lose relevance quickly. I want to see this on screen because it looks so bizarre.

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    Thanks for all the feedback! I've already been working on the episodes since years. I'm almost done with the first two, only problem is - I still need a really good composer. I can't make music if my life depended on it and it's like the most important part.

    But yea, the first episodes should be done about this year or at least 2019. It's definitely gonna be out while President Trump is still relevant.

    It might be outdated one day, but I don't really care. Like I said, this isn't the "What did Trump do this week" show - Politics do play a major role, but still.

    There's still countless jokes that have nothing to do with the Trump administration. For instance, there are full episodes that don't even have Donna and Henry in it. Sometimes, Henry can have an episode of his own too.

    Say, I would keep making this cartoon for years to come, and Trump isn't President anymore - you could still totally continue it with the other characters.

    It could have the 46th President as a character too when the time does come.

    As for pitching it, I was actually thinking about just releasing this on YouTube (It will be the quality of a television show though). I would love to pitch it, and maybe one day I will. But sadly, I don't think it could survive television, even if it was really well made.

    The episodes are all 22–24 minutes long, when I release the first episode on YouTube, I'll make sure to post it here!

    In the meantime, I'll post some scripts, jokes, finished shots and storyboards when I have new ones. I also have eight scripts so far, but I keep adding little things here and there.

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    A new character. He is the edgelord.

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    I'm from Canada, eh. People think I'm slooooow.

    I think this is a really cool idea and I look forward to seeing how you go along with it. I'm also making a cartoon series (check my sig!) so if you want feedback or discussion just shoot me a PM. We can even do a sub for sub thing to help each other out.

    My only suggestion is thinking only about one episode at a time. When you're doing an online series with a limited support pool you don't want to get hung up in creating a wild cast of tertiary characters you never get around to using. I made the mistake of making a Rob Ford parody character (in 2013!) that still hasn't appeared on Duck Commando yet and is going to need to be heavily retooled to make sense and still be funny.
    please watch my duck cartoon:

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    Some new shots:

    I tried re-doing the previous Brendon picture in a more cel-animated look. I think it turned out pretty convincing! Kinda like something from 1995 or so.

    I actually got way more than these, but I don't think I can post them without getting banned.

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    I'm from Canada, eh. People think I'm slooooow.

    That last one looks so refreshing from the usual YouTube faux-detailed Photoshop shit you see

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    Here is a new one I just finished!

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    Just finished this, I wasn't gonna post it before June 14th, but

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    How is this going Monty?

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    please don't encourage him

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    It's going pretty well, Korusan. Here's a CalArts style preview.

    Also, please continue encouraging me.

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    Call the lawyers, everyone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ryan View Post
    please don't encourage him

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    He said please don't encourage him

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    Ryan's just jealous cuz he don't have a creative bone in his body

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    if i did I wouldn't be making right-wing propaganda

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    You're gonna love it, just wait.

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    Idea for a 'The Henry Shoa' Halloween Special. A parody of "I Know What You Did Last Summer", but it's "I Know What You Did Last September".

    Set in 2002 and starring George W. Bush and Henry, before he worked for Donna.

    (This is a really bad drawing of George Bush, mind you. I'll re-design him for the actual series.)

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