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Thread: Rate & Review: Family Guy - Boy (Dog) Meets Girl (Dog)

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    Rate & Review: Family Guy - Boy (Dog) Meets Girl (Dog)

    At the vetenarian's office, Brian meets a female dog who he gets interested in, and enters a dog show competition where the winner can breed with her. Also, Peter and Lois have to use desperate measures to convince Chris that the fictional children's book character Arthur Valentine doesn't exist.
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    Stuff I liked
    Dying marriage sideways kiss
    Peter going to Comedy Jail (would've been perfect had they ended the gag there).
    Announcer speaking in doggie talk.
    Stewie falling asleep counting the sheep.
    Brian asking for Drake or The Weeknd to be played.

    Stuff I didn't like
    Gay waiter cutaway.
    Brian throwing up and passing out on said vomit.
    Gag involving the misunderstanding between the Germans.
    Peter trying to snap Chris out of his shellshock by throwing baseballs and a basketball at him (especially the latter which broke his nose leaving a bloody mess).
    OK, so we've now indirectly acknowledged how Seth was originally to be on one of the 9/11 planes, so can we knock it off with these jokes already? I've been tired of them ever since that one with the guy who was glad that he was late to show up at the WTC that morning.
    WTF! Why did we need to know that Lois killed a jaywalker?! Her continuing to go into detail about it just made the "Joke" even worse.
    Chris stabbing Peter.
    Bonnie just mentioning out of the blue that Joe's mom died.
    Quagmire being at the breeding and commenting during it.
    Chris bringing up Lois killing the jaywalker as the final "Joke" of the episode.

    Other comments
    Young Chris sounds like a non-nerdy version of the Nerd character from Robot Chicken.
    When I first heard about this episode, part of me was hoping that Ellie would've been like Seabreeze in which she's just a regular dog that doesn't talk. But after seeing the episode, I don't mind that she talks.
    Regarding the Nancy Reagan cutaway, to quote @sideshow ken: If you explain the joke, there is no joke!
    So... Mike Henry voiced that employee using the Rallo voice, and they still can't be bothered to give Rallo any new lines?
    The whole Billy Joel running gag was hit and miss. The first time it came up was funny (minus the bit at the end of Peter and Billy Joel talking about their names), second time with Peter eating the walkie-talkie button not so much, third time kinda and the last time was just an abrupt way to end the episode (even if that was the point).

    So in spite of how I've listed more things about this episode that I disliked than the ones that I liked, I really enjoyed this episode. The whole Brian romance plots certainly isn't anything new and have been done to death, but just quickly glossing over the episodes with this plot on the Wiki I'd have the say that this was best episode with this plotline since Brian's Got a New Bag (which started off fine, but slowly fell apart once Rita's age was revealed). While I knew the romance wouldn't last, they did have it end in a way that was believable and made me feel bad for Brian. They should've cut the subplot though as it was completely useless and short which is why I'm barely mentioning it.

    I'll make this the 3rd episode in a row that gets a 3.5/5 from me, but for the poll I'm unfortunately rounding it down to a 3 for the lack of jokes that landed, the overabundance of ones that flopped and a subplot that was completely useless and the source of most of the bad jokes.
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    No Glasses


    No Glasses/5
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    Poll: Bark your opinion about this episode
    5/5: Ruff! Ruff! Hubba-hubba!
    3/5: Dog food
    2/5: *yelp*
    1/5: Ruff time

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    2/5 - the whole Arthur Valentine (which, it finally occurred to me, is probably a reference to Arthur Christmas) went nowhere, and while Brian's relationship was good at first, it went downhill when he got to the dog show. To be fair, it might be because it mixes how dog shows really work with a healthy bit of fiction; the whole point of breeding and dog shows is to breed dogs of the same breed together - otherwise, you just get mutts. (Speaking of which, what is Brian's breed, anyway?)

    But why do I have a feeling the show's "fans" are going to say, "But did you see how the camera jerked in and out when Brian was talking to the female dog during the mating? 6 out of 5! Emmy material! Cancel those other loser shows! That Bob's Burgers movie being planned had better be 10 seconds of an exterior shot of the restaurant, followed by an immediate cutaway to a Family Guy movie!"

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    The Brian plot was OK and I even liked the dog show bit. The Chris bit was terrible and I kept hoping it would end and go back to Brian's plot. I also wish they could've shown Bonnie when she was mentioned or alluded to. Average for me.
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    This episode was so terrible I had to throw my dog at the screen to turn it off

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    No Glasses


    No Glasses/5
    I'm sure some Korean animator had his food rations reduced for that mistake.

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    I liked it. It was great to see Brian meet another dog. This time, one who can walk and talk like him unlike Seabreeze. I did like that Brian won the talent show but when he had to actually breed, it went down hill when he can't. Sad. That was the way they work. Chris's plot reminded me of the episode where he got a scarecrow type figure and started treating like it was a real woman. That was when Lois got jealous. I didn't like when Chris tries to stab Peter but I'm glad they made up. Seriously?!! The mention of Joe's mother died and Lois killed a jaywalker was tasteless. Still this gets a 3.

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    Chris story was one of the dumbest plots they've done in a while. Brian plot was fine up until the dog show portion where they just rushed through everything and then did the "We Didn't Write An Ending" song.

    Also, lol Mike Henry using his Rallo voice for some random valet.

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    Middle of the road episode for me, so 3/5. I'd have enjoyed it more if not for the subplot, which was pretty dull. It was refreshing to have Brian be in a relationship with another dog for a change; far less squicky, to say the least. It was an enjoyable story with a pretty good setup that wasn't contrived, but the subplot dragged the episode down.
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    Didn't anybody find it strange that Brian got his dog instinct up when was with Seabreeze and not with Ellie? He acted more like a real dog when he was with Seabreeze but he acted way too human with Ellie. To me, that was why he couldn't perform. He was acting too human for his own good. I hope he finds another female dog.

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