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Thread: Rate & Review: "Treehouse of Horror XXVIII" (WABF18)

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    Rate & Review: "Treehouse of Horror XXVIII" (WABF18)

    Season 29, Episode 4
    Original Airdate: October 22, 2017
    Writer: John Frink
    Director: Timothy Bailey
    Showrunner: Al Jean
    Synopsis: Maggie becomes possessed by an ancient demon, Lisa discovers a creepy/perfect version of her family in an alternate universe and Homer cannibalizes himself.

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    R&R Poll Average Score: 3.26 / 5 (as of September 22nd / 57 votes)
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    The Winter of Our Monetized Content - 1.5/5 / Go Big or Go Homer - 2.5/5 / The Fat Blue Line - 3.5/5
    THOH XXX = Danger Things - 2.5/5 / Heaven Swipes Right - 1.5/5 / When Hairy Met Slimy - 2/5
    Gorillas on the Mast - 3.5/5 / Marge the Lumberjill - 2/5 / Livin' La Pura Vida - 5/5
    THANKSGIVING OF HORROR = A-Gobble-ypto - 3/5 / The Fourth Thursday After Tomorrow - 5/5 / The Last Thanksgiving - 3.5/5
    Todd, Todd, Why Hast Thou Forsaken Me? - 3.5/5 / Bobby, It's Cold Outside - 2.5/5 / Hail to the Teeth - 1.5/5
    The Miseducation of Lisa Simpson - 2/5 / Frinkcoin - 3/5 / Maggie Simpson In "Playdate with Destiny" - 4/5
    Bart the Bad Guy - 5/5 / Screenless - 2/5 / Better Off Ned - 2.5/5 / Highway to Well - 4/5
    The Incredible Lightness of Being a Baby - 2.5/5 / Warrin' Priests - 2/5 / The Hateful Eight-Year-Olds - 4.5/5 / The Way of the Dog - 5/5

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    This was quite an improvement over the past few Treehouse Of Horror specials!

    I really enjoyed the Sweets Hereafter intro; I like it when they do an art shift for a THOH segment of some sort, in this case going CGI.
    The Exor-Sis segment was a lot of fun, though it did remind me quite a bit of the Treehouse of Horror comic Issue 2, with its' own "Exorcist" parody involving Lisa and a Madonna spirit, along with the "Dinosaurs" episode "The Terrible Twos" (where Baby Sinclair becomes demonic among turning two years old, complete with an exorcist dinosaur trying to help and the rotating head bit.)
    I also enjoyed "Coralisa" quite a bit, again due to the art shift into CGI, along with some funny lines of dialogue, along with the nod to the previous segment and Maggie's graphic vomiting (yes, I admit it, I find on-camera animated puking to be pretty funny at times, like when "Family Guy" or "Rugrats" did it.)
    The weakest of the segments was "Mmm... Homer," but I did get a few laughs out of it, especially Homer's "On the Road Again" song parody.
    I was also pleased to hear the traditional woman scream during the Gracie Films logo, too!

    I'm glad they got a different writer and director for this Treehouse of Horror instead of Joel H. Cohen and Steven Dean Moore. But I do wish they'd go back to each segment having its' own writer, as in the 1990-2001 specials. While it wasn't the greatest, it's still a noticeable step up over the past ones we've had this decade. I give it a 3.7 out of 5 (4 for the poll.)
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    */- Good animation in the opening but kinda dumb
    Commercial break after opening that's rare?
    ** Pazuzu montage
    ** "The chicken goes..."
    -- Lame wind gag
    * Bart's head spinning
    Pretty mediocre segment, very shallow plot and not terribly funny. 5/10
    -- Pretty bad vomiting joke.
    * Snowball looking at light
    * Milhouse button mouth
    Terrible second segment! Good animation but directionless plot and lack of humor. 2.5/10
    ** Montage of Alone Homer
    ** "Spaghetti and My Balls"
    Terrible third segment! Just tried indulging in shock value and didn't really work at all. 2/10.
    Overall, a very bad THOH and one of the worst. All three segments were thin and humorless. The first segment had some decently funny jokes but also some clunkers as well as a very thin story. The second segment was terrible, with a directionless shallow plot and a drought of funny jokes, and the third segment was just... ew. 3/10.
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    Terrible. Absolutely cringe worthy. This proves that the simpsons aren't getting any better. This is coming from a fan of 20+ years. Also excluding Kang and Kodos for the first time in Treehouse of Horror history was disgraceful. The opening was ok. The first segment was short, second segment was nothing special and the third segment i put in the top 7 worst THOH segments ever


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    I liked all three segments, as they did a good job keeping things in-universe and incorporating the spooky elements and parodies. Mmm... Homer was actually my favorite segment, as it took Homer's most famous trait of gluttony and turned it up to the extreme. We actually got legitimately creepy moments in a THOH thanks to this segment, the scene with Marge walking in on Homer was especially unnerving. Probably as creepy as the blender scene in Nightmare Cafeteria. Overall a good THOH, I'd rate it a 4/5

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    I enjoyed this one. The intro was pretty strong with the family as candy, although it did seem to go on a little long and take away precious time from the segments.

    The first segment was strong and had a genuinely creepy feel to it. I was surprised when it ended; it seemed really short. I thought it was fairly funny, too; I had a genuine laugh at Homer saying he thought Pazuzu was pizza. It’s also always nice when Maggie gets a large role in things because she isn’t utilized much. 4/5

    The second segment was definitely the weakest. It didn’t have a very horrorlike feel to me, and it just felt like a way to pad out seven minutes. I did like the callbacks to the first segment, but the vomiting went on a little too long the first time around. The art was nice, though. 2/5

    I also liked the last segment. At first I thought it was a little too messed up, but then I realized that’s better than the piles of blah we get from most THOH segments nowadays. The song was pretty good, and while I didn’t care for the fact that they threw a mini-marriage crisis into it, it was still a pretty strong segment. Twisted, yes, but it worked. 4/5

    This was one of the best THOHs in years. 4/5 overall.

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    i thought it was pretty solid. pretty good and funny and nothing dragged. loses a point for using CGI and not actual stopmotion for the (extremely timely) coraline segment though.

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    Homer's llullaby
    pPazuzu pizza joke
    Bart's spinning head
    can't trust a priest around kids

    Snowball and the flashlight
    Snowball not wanting dog to feel inferior
    Nelson's zipper mouth

    Spaghetti and my balls

    vomit joke too long
    Homer eating himself genuinely creepy
    not fun, just graphic and gore

    Homer still cant skip jury duty

    Coralisa was my favorite.
    Final score: 3 out of 5.

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    Wasn't impressed with anyone of the segments. Each one of them was worst than the last.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Simpsonsfan1990 View Post
    Terrible. Absolutely cringe worthy. This proves that the simpsons aren't getting any better. This is coming from a fan of 20+ years. Also excluding Kang and Kodos for the first time in Treehouse of Horror history was disgraceful. The opening was ok. The first segment was short, second segment was nothing special and the third segment i put in the top 7 worst THOH segments ever

    I've been a fan for a long time too, and these were not good. What was the point of the second one? Plus the puking, what is this Family Guy?

    I remember watching the first THOHs when they originally came out and have to say these are no where near their greatness.

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    I think it's fair to say based on the early reactions that this episode is polarizing. Curious to see whether reactions level off in the coming days and weeks.

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    Pazuzu is Professor Farnsworth's gargoyle in Futurama.

    Lisa called the show a "Halloween show" twice - once in "Coralisa," and once in the introduction to "Mmm...Homer."

    One of the Homer restaurants is "Der Homerschnitzel" - Wienerschnitzel has not had "Der" in its name in decades.

    CG Animation Studio: Xentrix Studios
    Xentrix Studios Animation Producers: Sanjee Gupta / Ishani Priyamvada
    CG Character Expressions: Venky Raman / Veerendra Patil

    Halloween Credits
    Created by Bat Groening
    Developed by James "You're Scared Enough" Brooks / Bat Groening / Sam Simon

    Executive Producer The Inviselman Man
    Executive Producer Jon Jon Frinks
    Co-Executive Producer Trey Newsquirt Burns
    Co-Executive Producer Smeagol Price
    Co-Executive Producer Shrill Shriek-enkirk
    Co-Executive Producer I. Scream Cohen
    Co-Executive Producer Rob ApocaLaZebnik Now
    Co-Executive Producer The Wandering Jrw
    Co-Executive Producer Brian R. Kelly
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    Supervising Producer Larina Jean Adamson
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    Starring Dan 57 Shopping Days 'Til Christmas
    Drools Kavner
    Nightmarish-Nancy Cartfright
    Yeoman Of The Guardley Smith
    Hank Beware-ia
    and Harry Shearer
    Special Guest Voice Mario Bat-ali
    Special Guest Voice Ben P. Soop Daniels
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    Also Starring Mangled Milhouse
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    Animation Producers Dr. Victor Tomenklein / Android Romero
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    Theme by H.P. Elf craft
    Score by Bleeding Fingers Music
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    Sound Effects Editor Uber-T-Og Powers
    Re-Recording Mixers "Mark Of The Wolf" Linden / Tar-aaaaah! Paul
    Assistant to Mr. Jean Joe Stabby
    Creative Consultant Bat Groening
    Executive Creative Consultant James "You're Scared Enough" Brooks

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    The first two segments were too short to be good. When it ended I was like ''that's it?''. What a waste of potential...

    The build-up of the last segment was solid, but they didn't do anything good with it except for a few easy jokes. The whole thing went to shit when *sigh* they went on marriage counselling. That was the worst idea of any TOH ever, and shall I remind that they once made the story of Homer becoming Spiderman through farts?

    Disappointed to say the least.

    Merry Christmas!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Simpsonsfan1990 View Post
    Terrible. Absolutely cringe worthy. This proves that the simpsons aren't getting any better. This is coming from a fan of 20+ years. Also excluding Kang and Kodos for the first time in Treehouse of Horror history was disgraceful. The opening was ok. The first segment was short, second segment was nothing special and the third segment i put in the top 7 worst THOH segments ever

    I don't think Kang and Kodos weren't forgotten. I'm sure if they were shown this script, they would respond by saying they've cough up better looking drool than the excrement written here.

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    I didn't really find myself laughing a lot, but the episode was still pretty fun because of the concepts behind the segments. Coralisa didn't really go anywhere but the animation was really well done - I haven't watched a new episode in like 3 years, but this was pretty fun.
    "Look, Marge, you don't know what it's like. I'm the one out there every day putting his ass on the line. And i'm not out of order! You're out of order. The whole freaking system is out of order. You want the truth? You want the truth?! You can't handle the truth! Because when you reach over and put your hand into a pile of goo, that was your best friend's face, you'll know what to do! Forget it, Marge. It's Chinatown!" - Homer's rant.

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    This was a good episode. Not just in terms of a Halloween special but like just in general. I actually found all three segments (plus the intro) enjoyable and a definite improvement over the last two THOHs. Seriously, this would have made a much better 600th ep. They kept the stories simple and allowed more time for the gags. I like seeing Maggie killing everyone or seeing the designs of the Coraline family (which seems a tad dated now but Ok) and I liked the way the last segment just became more extreme. This is the best THOH since XXV and definitely the best of the season. 4/5

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    Kang and Kodos were in the candy bowl in the beginning segment.

    Also, best Halloween show since XX. 3/5.
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    Ridiculously horrible, full of meaningless death scenes and unfunny jokes falling flat even for a modern Simpsons Episode. Easily one of the ten worst episodes of Simpsons History, ugh.

    I'm Bart, who are you? by The No Homers Club

    Simpson Season 27 rating: (Rate average: B-)
    Every man's Dream B-/ Cue Detective C+/ Puffless C/ Halloween of Horror A-/ THOHXXVI D+/ Friend with Benefit D-/ Lisa with an 'S' C-/ Paths of Glory A-/ Barthood B-/ The Girl Code D+/ Teenage Mutant Milk-caused Hurdles C-/ Much Apu About Something B-/ Gal of Constant Sorrow B/ Lisa the Veterinarian D-/ The Marge-ian Chronicles A/ The Burns Cage D+/ How Lisa Got Her Marge Back B-/ Fland Canyon A/ To Courier With Love C/ Simprovised B+/ Orange is the new Black A-

    Average: B-

    Simpson Season 28 Rating:
    Monty Burn's Flying Circus C-/ Friends and Family C/ The Town A/ Treehouse of Horrors XXVII B / Trust But Clarify B+/ There Will Be Buds A+/ Havana Wild Weekend B-/ Dad Behavior C/ The Last Traction Hero C, The Nightmare After Krustmas C-/ Pork and Burns B-/ The Great Phatsby D-/ Fatzcaraldo B-/ The Cad and The Hat B+/ Kamp Krustier B-/ 22 for 30 B+/ A Father's Watch C-/ The Caper Chaser F/ Looking for Mr. Goodbart B-/ Moho House C-/ Dogtown D+

    Average: C+

    Simpsons Season 29 Rating:
    Serfsons D-/ Springfield Splendor B+/ Whistler's Daughter B/ TreeHouse of Horror XXVIII F/Grampy Can Ya Hear Me B/The Old Blue Mayor She Ain't What She Used to Be C-/ Singin' in the Lane C/

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    I rate this episode a B

    I've been watching the Simpsons since the beginning of their TV run, There's no doubt that the quality has suffered and in the last few seasons there are probably only 2 or 3 episodes that I will actually enjoy, the rest ranges from average to truly horrible.
    even though the quality of the Simpsons has suffered they always managed to satisfy my Simpsons fix with the Treehouse of Horrors episodes... well that was true until 3-4 years ago when I lost interest in those as well.

    I enjoyed this one, I thought the vomit joke was going to run for too long, somehow it ended at the appropriate time, I Could have done without the callback.. It did remind me of family guy, I feel like the show's taken a bit too many influences from Family guy and Cleveland show, there's been a few new characters on the show that really don't fit the Simpsons mold, especially in the Serfsons episode.

    Anyway, I thought this episode was really enjoyable and I truly don't understand how so many people can rate it 1/6... I wouldn't call it a classic yet but it had that simpsons voice that I sometimes feel is lost in newer episodes.

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    I think this was a pretty good and entertaining Treehouse of Horror and better than the one from last year; I liked how this time all the segments were horror themed and had their share of somewhat creepy yet humorous stuff and it left me pretty satisfied overall.

    The intro was pretty good for what it was. I quite liked the stop motion/claymation-inspired CGI which was very well done and it was fairly amusing with the Simpsons portrayed as various pieces of candy (and Lisa as an apple). It wasn't super funny but it did have some nice humor and was a good opener to the episode.

    The first segment, 'Exor-Sis', was a pretty straightforward parody of The Exorcist but I liked it's simplicity, it was pretty well done and did have some good jokes and moments (including some death scenes) along with a good performance by Ben Daniels as the catholic priest tasked with driving the demon out of the possessed Maggie.

    The second segment, 'Coralisa' was a good parody of Coraline, had a few good gags, I really liked the usage of the stop motion-like CGI for the alternate universe (the designs of the CGI Simpsons were pretty fun) and Neil Gaiman did well as Snowball II; the only real negative aspect is that it felt a bit rushed towards the end but it was otherwise fine.

    The third (and last segment), 'Mmm... Homer', was interesting with the premise of Homer beginning to cannibalize himself and the plot was pulled off well and disturbing and comedic elements were nicely balanced. The story was enjoyable (even the last minute marriage crisis) and it had some funny stuff, but I would have shortened it with a couple of minutes and given that time to the previous segment.

    Overall, it was a good episode; not fantastic but good. All the segments were told well (even though the second was a bit too short and third one a bit too long), had some quite nice jokes and gags and had a good horror tone in all the segments (I'm glad they didn't have a random non-spooky movie parody segment like the Hunger Games or Avatar ones). It could have been better but it was very entertaining and not bad at all.

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    Treehouse Of Horror XXVIII 3.5/10

    + A Sausage Party parody for the intro... Well, that's a bit of an odd idea, but I thought it was kinda funny. The animation was pretty weird though, especially the way the Easter bunny moved.
    # Lisa's delivery on "Daaaad" when he starts eating it shows voice cracks.
    + Decent opening, animation looked good.

    Exor-Sis 5/10

    - The Exor-Sis segment starts off okay. I didn't like Homer's singing when he gets possessed by that mysterious statue though. Also, they don't really give any explanation why it would be sent to their house.
    - Maggie has now gotten possessed herself and... wow, her voice is not even the slightest bit creepy. Why on earth is she voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson???
    + Marge when Helen gets killed: "Thank you." It's not a great line, but I understand since she's been getting on Marge's case so often.
    # Hibbert is cheating on his wife with a nurse? Huh.
    - Reverend Lovejoy shows up, but his cameo is disappointing.
    + Flanders getting killed by a small police toy car is oddly amusing.

    William Friedkin shows up!

    # The leprechaun character comes back... again. Really, they will just keep using him huh?
    -- What the fuck is any of the jokes with Maggie's devil voice supposed to be? They're so dumb.
    + Homer gets stabbed by Bart's (tree?) horns, but thinks it will at least get him out of jury duty. It doesn't.

    This was a pretty bad segment. Not the worst, but there was nothing captivating about it. Some decent jokes, but no atmosphere whatsoever, and really, really tame considering the movie it's parodying.

    Coralisa 3/10

    - Maggie violently vomits over the table. I'm not particularly grossed out, but I can't understand why that joke is even there. I'm surprised they didn't use it in the Exorcist segment.
    -- "Wow... for a Halloween show middle segment, this is amazing." Oh, please...
    + Ha, that jazz jam sequence with Lisa and her dream family... So bizzarre.
    # Abraham managed somehow to get a creepier design than the others.
    -- Really? The do the Maggie vomit joke AGAIN. Gimme a break.
    -- So in the end both the alternate family and real family come to live with each other and... THAT'S IT! Wow, that was terrible! Nothing of significance happened! Also, why the CGI animation? The least they could have done is use stop-motion to keep the spoof faithful, but they couldn't even do that.

    # They bring back the warning opening for the first time in years... but instead of at the beginning it's before the third segment? Huh.

    Mmm... Homer 3/10

    - Homer sings a parody of a famous Willie Nelson song. Eh.

    Homer starts eating himself and... Wow. WOW, that is gross! Jesus Christ! And it just gets worse!
    And now he fries his leg! Eeeeeeewww.
    + "You see how she makes me feel? She makes me feel nothing!" "You are almost nothing!" Kinda funny line, but...
    -- I hate how this is suddenly a marriage crisis plot. For God's sake, it's a Treehouse Of Horror episode!
    --- It ends with everyone eating the parts that are left of Homer, and Marge is proud of him for accomplishing something. This is the dumbest shit ever!
    - In Heaven, Homer starts to eat himself as well, starting with the wing.
    This was just as bad as the previous segment, just immature and stupid.

    Before starting this episode, I was thinking "Pleasebegoodpleasebegoodpleasebegood". The last year's TOH was an absolute disaster, and the one before was almost just as bad. But the segments did sound mildly interesting (even though the Exorcist parody I looked forward to the least), plus that all of them actually were related to horror for once. But sadly, nothing seems to have improved. The first segment was just awfully mediocre, while the second one was pretty bad as well, and the third one... one of the dumbest segments they've ever made. They did manage to gross me out, that's for sure, but is it scary? Not in the least. It gets even worse when they decide to make it about Homer and Marge's marriage. STOP FOCUSING ON HOMER AND MARGE'S FAILING MARRIAGE, YOU FUCKING NUTWITS! It feels weirdly sentimental rather than comical and doesn't fit for a Treehouse Of Horror. I'm just feeling sad again. Sad that the one tradition that was fun following (even the mediocre ones in season 24 and 25 at least had something about them) doesn't even feel special anymore. So yeah, hoping for next year's to be better...? Nah, what's even the point...
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    Loooot of CG in this one... That said, I actually really liked it. All segments were good, although the second one ended very abruptly. Best Treehouse of Horror in several years.

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    Decent....the candy one was the best out of all of them (I can not make out what Maggie was).

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    This was quite a good THoH episode, a huge improvement over the past 2 years. Its about on par with THoH XXV which I probably like slightly more. I'm mostly surprised how much they bring back the horror aspect which has been lacking for some time. A lot of the newest segments end up being cheap parodies of popular culture, like the Goldfinger parody in last seasons THoH ''MoeFinger'' and ofcourse that awful Avatar parody. ''Exor-Sis'' is also obviously a parody to The Exorcist, but compared to the previous two it is at least a widely known popular horror movie.

    Opening - A good parody to ''The Sweets Hereafter'' with some solid use of CGI. I like that they made Bart the Butterfinger candy in reference to his old commercial. I liked most of the jokes like Lisa's way of thinking why people don't want to eat apples on Halloween, Homer pushind Grampa to be taken by Shauna, and ''shutting up'' the chocolate rabbit by eating his mouth. 4/5

    Exor-Sis - My favorite segment. I've always liked to see an evil baby parody being done on Maggie, this segment didn't dissapoint me. I loved a lot of the jokes like Pazuzu's name stickied over Matt Groenings name, Maggie's toys freaking ut of the statue, Maggie impaling Helen's head from behind, her general use of powers where she moves objects around which prevented Homer from drinking liquid. Credits to William Friendkin who voiced the priest. Nice way to end the segment with Pazuzu being afraid to be inside Bart. 4/5

    Cotalisa - Another good parody to Caline which can get rather unsettling at times. While being lighter on jokes I like how they did the CGI with the alternate universe family. What I probably liked most is Snowballs talking role which brought some good jokes with it. The plot had potential to be great but at the end it got kinda rushed with Homer killing half of the other family and bringing over the survivors to his universe as new family members. I expected AU Marge to do something freakiny in her spider form, turns out she only gets better at doing house work. 3/5

    Mmm... Homer - A segment where Homer's gluttony actually takes a hold over himself... now thats something the show had to have. This also turned out to be the most disturbing segment to me as self-inflicted body horror is what frightens me the most. I was actually eating myself while watching and I had to pause several times just because I was starting to feel unwell. After rewatching it got a lot better and there are some good jokes to it. Apparently Ned has a wife in this segment who was absent? It had a good ending with Homer's meat being distributed to his own new restaurant and fast food chain. 3.5/5

    The segments had some good pacing with little to no pointless filler. The only gag I hated was Maggie vomitting in ''Cotalisa'' which is both pointless and dragged on to much. It felt very FG-esque which doesn't belong in this show. I do like how they continued the story from the first segment to the second at the beginning, this could've been a new gimmick where all 3 segments are somewhat connected to each other where they each happen on a different day. A lot of great use of CGI has been used which seems unusual for a THoH to use it so much. And unlike a lot of other THoH, this one was actually scary and unsettling.

    Episodes rated best and worst from each season:
    1: Krusty Gets Busted/Homer's Night Out 2: The Way We Was/Bart's Dog Gets an F 3: Colonel Homer/Dog of Death 4: Marge vs. The Monorail/So It's Come to This: A Simpsons Clip Show 5: Cape Feare/Bart Gets An Elephant 6: Treehouse of Horror V/Another Simpsons Clip Show 7: Mother Simpson/Homerpalooza 8: You Only Move Twice/The Canine Mutiny 9: Lisa's Sax/The Two Mrs. Nahasapeemapetilons 10: Lisa Gets an A/Sunday Cruddy Sunday 11: Behind The Laughter/Beyond Blunderdome 12: Trilogy of Error/The Computer Wore Menace Shoes 13: I Am Furious Yellow/Homer the Moe 14: The Dad Who Knew Too Little/Large Marge 15: The Way We Weren't/Diatribe of a Mad Housewife 16: Thank God Its Doomsday/Mommie Beerest 17: Marge's Son Poisoning/Bonfire of the Manatees 18: Marge Gamer/Revenge is Best Served Three Times 19: Treehouse of Horror XVIII/That 90's Show 20: Gone Maggie Gone/Coming To Homerica 21: O Brother, Where Bart thou?/The Devil Wears Nada 22: Homer Scissorhands/The Fool Monty 23: Holidays of Future Passed/Moe Goes From Rags To Riches 24: Adventures In Baby-Getting/Whiskey Business 25: Brick Like Me/White Christmas Blues 26: Bart's New Friend/The Musk Who Fell to Earth 27: Halloween of Horror/Every Man's Dream 28: There Will Be Buds/Moho House 29: Gone Boy/Throw Grampa from the Dane

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    Man this was just... bad.

    - No Kang or Kodos for a start. Hell they could have thrown them in as dolls in the background in Lisa's room or something, but no. Kind of a weird oversight that just shows how out of touch the show is even with itself.

    - The barf jokes in the Exorcist segment reminded me of the kind of humour I'd see in some lame kids movie. Hell, the second time didn't even have a punchline or an additional joke, it was literally just Maggie barfing in Wiggum's face. Really, shockingly lowbrow.

    - The over-use of CGI seemed a little odd as well. Not sure what behind the scenes reason there is to explain that, but I guarantee there is one.

    - Anyone else feel as if Marge's voice was especially hoarse in episode? I know Kavner is getting on a bit, but jeez, I feel more takes wouldn't have hurt.

    - The Coraline segment was an absolute cluster of bad storytelling. I genuinely don't understand what they were going for with that story. Just seemed like one random movie reference after another. The idea of the "real" family fighting the "perfect" family could have honestly been a great storyline for The Simpsons to tackle, yet they somehow, SOMEHOW, found a way to make it a complete wreck towards the end.

    -The "MMM Homer" segment was just unbearable. I don't know what The Simpsons even IS anymore. If they just wanted to make the audience uncomfortable (for some reason?), they could have at least put the most time and effort into that story so you can at least marvel at the time gone into the gore. But no, we got bombastic CGI for pretty much the whole show except that one. Absolute garbage.

    Any positives? Well

    + The attention to design and detail put into the Carolisa segment was nice. They did sort of look like LAIKA/Burton-esque dolls.

    + Seeing Helen Lovejoy getting a sharp appliance through the brain was fun.

    + Giving Bart the spotlight at the end of the Exorcist segment was appreciated, considering how underused he was in the whole episode.

    1/5. Nothing more.

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    Well, at least The A.V. Club gave it a B-, while IGN gave it an 8.6 out of 10! Great!

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    Lightyears better than last season's THOH. I could barely watch the last segment. It had been quite some time since we had a cringe-worthy, repulsive THOH story.

  32. Thumbs Up To This Post by: Smear-Gel

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    This was probably the best THOH in a while. The intro was pretty neat with it being CGI this time. Anyways, let's get into the segments.

    The Exor-sis
    This was a good segment imo. There was some funny stuff like Homer singing Maggie a lullaby and Homer thinking that Pazuzu was pizza. Despite being relatively short, it didn't feel that half-baked. Overall, 4/5.

    I liked this segment a lot. It was also relatively funny. The CGI scenes were visually interesting and were out-of-the-norm for this show. I also liked how this segment had some connections to the first segment with it taking place after The Exor-sis. However, my gripe is that the awful vomit jokes dragged on for too long. I also thought they could've done a little more with the idea but it was still a very good segment nevertheless 4.5/5

    MMM... Homer
    This segment was definitely the weakest one out of the three but still decent imo. At some points, the segment did get too graphic and disgusting. Did they also have to shove in a mini marriage-crisis story? Despite that, I thought this segment was far better than the segments of the last two THOHs and it had some funny humor. Overall, 3/5.

    So overall, this THOH was a big improvement over the last two. There was actually a horror theme and the segments didn't feel extremely half-baked. It was also full of funny humor. Overall, 4/5. I'll probably post more of my thoughts later.

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    Normally I'm down on lame vomit gags played for laughs but the thing about parodying The Exorcist is that it boasts one of the most iconic scenes in all of media of someone throwing up. It's almost impossible to find a send-up of The Exorcist that excludes it. What made the gimmick work here is that they subverted your expectations by NOT including it in the opening segment when it was expected and then latching it into the Coraline segment as a surprise gotcha moment. I thought that worked brilliantly. Certainly a lot more appropriate in its usage here than repeated jokes in the premiere about Krusty's genital Sm- errr, Snurfs.

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    I actually didn't mind the Exorcist vomit jokes even though I'm generally no fan of vomit gags; it parodies one of the more famous aspects of the film well and I like how they waited to after the segment was over to do it (although the first one would have been enough as the repeat was just filler). I think it boils down to that a lot of folks really doesn't like any scenes or jokes involving vomiting and especially not graphic ones, even when they are cartoony and exaggerated.

    Also, I gotta say I was surprised that they included a disclaimer before the last segment, having Lisa address the audience from a stage, but considering the content of the segment I think it was a good idea (I think this was the first instance since Marge in 'Treehouse Of Horror V' but I'm not completely sure. I can't remember any later ones at the moment).
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