Apart from The Simpsons (which I'm absolutely obsessed with) another show that I really love which is absolutely brilliant in my opinion is Rocko's Modern Life. I'm not sure if any of you guys here have watched this before in depth but it kind of has the same appeal and cleverness as The Simpsons does in regards to getting in all those adult jokes yet keeping it great for family viewing (in the 90's anyway).

Looking back on it it does make you think 'Wow, how did they get away with that' like how did people not notice kinda thing, however of course when the show was on we were in a much less PC world back then but even then it's still surprising we never noticed it or picked up on it.

Have a watch of this video here of the 40 dirtiest jokes from Rocko's Modern Life:

>>>> http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x18...odern-life_fun <<<<

(If anyone can embed Daily Motion videos here please edit the post to do that as I'm not sure Daily Motion video's can be embedded like Youtube).

It's very clever like The Simpsons but it takes that kinda vibe to notice it and pick up on it, hence why I thought many Simpsons fans might also really love the show.

It's coming back this year too and the creator Joe Murray is having the cartoon hand drawn and keeping it as true to the original as possible which I think they will do a great job of.

So thoughts, anyone else here a fan of Rocko's Modern Life? Honestly the show is absolutely brilliant and it's completely underrated.

If you haven't watched it again as an adult or in depth then I really recommend you doing so, as many people are Simpsons fans here I do feel that a lot of you will like this as an adult as you do see it completely different to what you may have done when you were a kid kinda thing. It's brilliant.

Thoughts? I'd love to hear some thoughts and vibes from you guys