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Thread: Rate & Review: Family Guy - The Peter Principal

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    Rate & Review: Family Guy - The Peter Principal

    (Seeing as non-Simps R&R's are going the way of the dodo, even the actual Simps R&R's, this thread doesn't need to exist, but as per OSS's dying request, I'll finish up the Season at least)

    When Peter temporarily becomes the high school principal, Meg sees his power as an opportunity to get back at her bullies. Meanwhile, Brian and Stewie open up a bed and breakfast.
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    Eh, 2/5. Quite a bit more extended jokes than I would've liked (Bonnie and Joes long Phil Colins story, Peter tripping on the baseball bats). Was happy seeing a Peter/Meg plot for once without Peter abusing her. Brian/Stewie plot went pretty much nowhere. A few cute scenes like them eating raisin bread, but not much else. A few decent laughs (ice bucket challenge, Gary Ratowski), thats about it.

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    I enjoyed this one. The principal Peter got some decent laughs from peter in a position of power being manipulated by Meg and I found the Stewie & Brian subplot funny enough and no longer then it needed to be. The brief cutaways mostly worked but the extended ones ( especially Joe and Bonnie) really slowed everything down and didn't get any real laughs

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    I was actually gonna make an R&R before this aired, but since I'm a newbie I wasn't really all that familiar with how to make these kind of threads yet. Any who....

    Stuff I liked:
    Joe recreating the drum beats from In the Air Tonight was cool, his entire conversation with Bonnie afterwards wasn't.
    Nice to see them remembering Connie D'Amico, even if all she got was just a cameo.
    Wendy Schaal's cameo as the receptionist was a nice unexpected surprise. Kinda reminds me of when Alex was on AD! last season.
    Meg telling Lois to shut up.
    Watching Peter fall down the stairs got a slight smile out of me, too bad they decided to ruin the joke by having an extended shot of Peter's head bleeding out.
    The whole baseball bat bit wasn't funny at the start but.... I dunno, the longer it went on eventually it did get a slight smile out of me.
    Those hockey puns were so fucking obvious and lame that I couldn't help but laugh at them.

    Stuff I didn't like:
    Sesame Street on HBO
    Joe's off-screen conversation with Bonnie regarding In the Air Tonight.
    Meg's face melting ala Raiders of the Lost Ark.
    The entire gum bit.
    Uptown Funk. I like the song, but that lip-sync scene was pointless. Even though I liked watching Peter fall down the stairs, it wasn't worth it.
    Adam West and the comedy ball.

    So yeah, pretty good episode in my opinion. Would've liked it if Meg had been somewhat more involved in the main plot but at least she was given some primary focus for once this season. Brain & Stewie's subplot went nowhere, but at least it wasn't terrible and Brian's character was kept in check.

    3.5/5 which I'll round up to a 4 for the poll.
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    I'll just repeat what I said in the general thread, this episode was just a masterclass in bad comedy. A lot of lame jokes that went on too long, didn't have a point, or were just plain unfunny. Like the very first joke of the episode. Sesame Street's on HBO, an adult network on cable television so of course, we're going to have Cookie Monster eat Big Bird's ass! It really makes me sad when I think about how this show used to know what it took to be funny.

    I don't understand why Peter became the principal. They fired Shepard and in his place, they allowed a reckless imbecile with a criminal record to look after a bunch of students and faculty. Why did Peter even want the job other than random joke reason #48656? The only good thing about it was that he actually cared about Meg and stood up for her. I really wish there was a better episode centered around their relationship because this one went nowhere.

    The subplot was just really boring. The writers keep giving Stewie and Brian the blandest, most uninteresting stories they can think of. Why is this their thing now? They're no longer going on crazy fantastical adventures, they're just this wacky sitcom duo. And none of it is even clever or entertaining. They even sound bored with everything they're doing. 1/5.

    -The Joe/Bonnie conversation was pretty funny. I really like it when they act like a loving couple and not another Peter/Lois mess.

    -There were WAY too many explained jokes here. I hate how dumb the show is now, like it openly despises its audience and feels like it won't understand anything resembling intelligence or subtlety. The Lamar Odom joke, the shower joke, the jokes about high school start times.......a lot of these could have been cut out.

    -I didn't like the joke with the bats. It's just another one of those endurance bits that goes on WAY too long.

    -"Because what you and your father were doing was wrong." When did Lois find out exactly what Peter and Meg were doing? She asked Peter what was going on, and all of a sudden, she was fully aware of everything happening. I think out of all the main characters, Lois is definitely the most useless at this point.

    -The slam on the Ice Bucket Challenge and the failed lip dub was actually pretty funny. Maybe it's because it involved Peter getting hurt.

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