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Thread: Rate & Review: Family Guy - Saturated Fat Guy

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    Rate & Review: Family Guy - Saturated Fat Guy

    Peter opens a fattening food truck when he doesn't want to go on a diet, while Meg joins a roller derby team despite the risks Chris inform her of.
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    Naturally, the Meg subplot wasn't funny and just dragged on while I thought the main plot could've been better. I would've liked to see more of Peter being obese and more of the food truck. Average.

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    Pretty much as expected (why should Family Guy's version of roller derby be any different from American Dad's or King of the Hill's), the "roller derby subplot" consisted of "women skating around the track banging into each other, and who cares what the result is - it's kind of like asking what the score is at a Harlem Globetrotters game." In fact, there weren't any officials on the track - just the ten skaters and the two coaches.

    From the looks of the Quahog team's helmets, it looks like somebody is a fan of the L.A. Derby Dolls (the jammer has a star on her helmet), but apparently the animators got lazy as all of the other teams' helmets were unmarked.

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    I loved it! Great to see Meg being a badass again. Seeing Peter getting stuck and being lifted made me LMAO! I loved it when Meg came out on top but Peter got it in the end. LOL! By the way, what was the name of that beat up car that took pictures?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sideshow ken View Post
    By the way, what was the name of that beat up car that took pictures?
    Something like the "Bing Maps Camera Car" - it was for "Bing Maps," a takeoff on Google Maps, which does the same thing for its Street Views.

    EDIT: just saw a clip of it - they called it the Bing Maps Car
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    the billy corgan joke made me laugh pretty hard. the rest of it was more modern FG. also man lotta dr hartman in these past few eps.

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    I'm surprised Brian wasn't in this episode to give a strawman anti-roller derby rant.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Captain_Smiley View Post
    I'm surprised Brian wasn't in this episode to give a strawman anti-roller derby rant.
    Me too. I'm glad he was in the background in this one.

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    Seeing Peter obese reminded me of him in an earlier episode in the earlier seasons. Brian had to get him thru the door in a pickup cart. LOL funny!! I wish Homer Simpson had kept his weight from King Size Homer and meet Peter in this episode. That would have been hilarious.

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    Meg story was undoubtedly the strongest of the two in this episode. It had a lame, though admittedly funny, cop-out of an ending, but up until that point it was a pretty decent plot. Meg and Chris work well together and its a shame they don't try to do more with them, because more often than not it's a lot easier to buy that they care about each other compared to the likes of Peter and Lois. Maybe that's because it makes more sense for siblings to be dicks to each other in ways that can be a bit more harsh without it completely eliminate any sense of them being characters as opposed to gag vehicles. Food truck plot was just kinda there.

    Good gags:
    Netflix ad (Man, maybe it's just because UK Netflix largely sucks ass but that commercial was painfully accurate)
    "Colon Health Magazine gave it Two Thumbs In"
    Esther ripping her perineum doing the Hokey-Cokey
    The coach's card and the list of meetings
    "I don't eat foods that sound like karate words"
    Chris taking pictures.
    "There's nothing"/"Thank you, son"
    Carl asking Peter if he was pregnant
    "I always get confused, is Donna the wife or is Roberta the wife?"/"I dunno, man, can I have some of that sandwich?"
    Peter's various thought bubbles
    "I like to squeeze the can so hard that it flies into my mouth like Popeye"
    "WHAT!?" generator
    Skeet shooting
    "SHE MEANS PERIODS!"/"Yeah, I got it, Stewie!"
    Young athletes getting too much money
    The Bing car
    "Dance you fat bitch"/"Hang there, you fat bitch!"
    "Nobody look! This is a private, gross matter!"
    "Is this performance art or some sort of political statement?"/"Well, I'm kinda ticked about condoms in porn but this is unrelated"

    Bad Gags:
    The whole "Food Kills" DVD segment
    Droopy bit (Harvey Birdman did the thing of him getting a face lift wayyyyyyyyy better)
    M. Night Shyamalan bit
    Club Stomach (Admittedly I thought this was gonna be a horrific puke bit, so it could've been worse, but still...)
    "YOU'RE GOING DOWN, GRIFFIN! LIKE MY STEP-FATHER'S PANTS!"/"Well, I guess I see where some of your anger comes from"
    Running with scissors bit (I was already wincing and then of course was caught off-guard by the double fakeout)
    Winnie the Pooh getting fisted

    Uh... I dunno, 3/5, I guess?
    How to remaster

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    The "Food Kills" dvd was a nice take that to those sort of diet type things.

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    I hope I'm not the only one who hated the cutaway gag with Chris and the scissors. Unfunny,pointless and the worst gag ever.

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    well you're the only one that watches this shit still so

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    The scissors cutaway was absolutely awful, and the Droopy Dog one was almost as bad but still unfunny.

    Having said that, I guess this episode was okay. I don't really like Lois in a lot of these modern episodes. She used to be a character I cared about and whenever she was upset with Peter or wanted him to stop doing something, it felt meaningful. Then again, I'm talking first three seasons Lois so I'm reaching for something that's no longer there. It's just that nowadays, literally all Lois does is sit around and tell Peter not to do something, or that he shouldn't do XYZ because it's stupid, and he ends up doing it anyway. That joke of Lois assaulting Peter with the newspaper still makes me laugh because for once, she just snaps and wants Peter to stop all the stupid shit he does. Other than that, it's just a reminder of how useless she is as a character now.

    The subplot was just kinda there. All I really remember is the sex offender giving Meg the wrong cards and the intentionally awkward period joke (that they joke about explaining). Oh yeah, the Morgan Freeman impersonator was pretty funny. 3/5

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