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Thread: Rate & Review: Family Guy - Peter's Def Jam

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    Rate & Review: Family Guy - Peter's Def Jam

    Peter becomes a DJ, and Brian has to move into Stewie's room when Lois develops an allergy.
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    Man, we haven’t done anything together in a while (last 2 and next 2 episodes are around the 4 guys).

    Lesbian Meg haircut callback.

    Angry Lois telling Peter to go to hell made me smile more than it should've.

    Laughed at Cleveland's long rambling, and Joe playing Golden Tee.

    “I’d drink vodka and Gatorade to that”

    Tom Sizemores Life.

    Music literally FG dubstep I’d hear on youtube, weird meta joke.

    Oh hi, not Snot.

    Flea and Garfield cameo.

    Stella appears cause Peter's deaf, and not much else. Eh, they at least remembered her.

    “Things I can stick up my lady parts”

    Enjoyable, could've done more with Brian/Stewie as roommates, but still plenty of laughs from both plots.

    Just because I'm stupider than them, they think they're smarter than me!
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    'DJ, you can give me a BJ!'

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    Watch any Family Guys yet, Apolo?

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    A bland, humourless episode for me. The Brian/Stewie thing went absolutely nowhere and the deaf thing wasn't nearly capitalised on enough.

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    best joke: megs haircut

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bobby View Post
    best joke: megs haircut
    I missed that. Is there a picture of it or a video?

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    I prefer her old style and I hope she grows long hair.

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    Lois sounds like Babs when she's sick. The DJ stuff felt like your typical, hollow takedown of modern music (I guess the old FG catchphrases in that one song was a neat touch). It just reeked of a bunch of old farts going "Boy, music today sure fuckin' sucks, huh?". Peter going deaf didn't do much for me either and the constant "WHAT?!" yelling got annoying. Stewie/Brian plot sucked and had a shitty, forced conclusion. The audiobook screw-up at the end was a funny way to have the event backfire on them but beyond that and a smattering of okay gags this episode sucked ass.

    Good gags:
    "Do you have a problem with me, Chris?"
    "If I wanted to hear a black guy rambling like a lunatic, I'd watch Family Feud"
    Italian guy describing a family member's sexuality
    Robbing banks in lesser known president's masks
    "Oh, God! I can't hear Garfield!"
    Peter producing a bag of Alphabets for Joe to spell out what he's saying.
    Disney Cruise

    Bad gags:
    John Travolta bit
    Tom Sizemore bit
    Meg on fire

    How to remaster

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