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    @John95, just to clarify, like I already said I don't lump in ' The Way of the Willow' with 'Curses!' as a bad episode; the former I found a good one so I think you mistook me mention it for @Wile E. the Brain's dislike of it. For an season 1 episode I didn't like I'd pick 'One Angry Princess' for more or less the same reasons as 'Curses!' give or take; it was just pretty boring and uninteresting (I like the focus on the secondary character Attila but he should've gotten a stronger and less clichéd story).

    Also, it's interesting (and strange) that 'Rapunzel: Day One' is before 'The Brothers Hook' in production order considering one of the gang leaves in the latter episode, yet is gone in the former (and even mentioned he's not there with them to help anymore) so had they used that order for airing it would have worked even less and just been confusing.

     As for Cass' injured hand, maybe it comes into play like you and Wile are saying, but considering how horribly gnarly it looked I think they underreached with how little of an issue it became directly afterwards (she literally shouldn't even have managed to get all that heavy armor on, at least not so easily). At least I think we can agree on that it was maybe a mistake by the animators designing it to look that thin, blackened and claw-like. 
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