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Thread: Tales from the Crypt, any fans?

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    Tales from the Crypt, any fans?

    Been a fan for a long time.

    I became aware of horror comics 30 years ago when i was 4 when i saw Creepshow on HBO and one of the first things that got me into horror movies as i knew it was a gateway to horror comics then saw Creepshow 2 in theaters at age 5 at one of the St Louis theaters when i lived there. I saw the 1972 Tales from the Crypt movie on video at age 6 and watched/taped the HBO series religiously when it aired on HBO when i was 7 and became my favorite show ever as i got raised on horror thanks to Creepshow, Tales from the Darkside, Twilight Zone and more.

    I even collected re-issues of EC horror/sci-fi/crime comics as a kid as i became an EC fan and Crypt fan plus saw the spin-off movies in theaters as a young teen even played the pinball game.

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    Apparently not.

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    i haven't watched much of the series, but i do remember "only sin deep" (the ep where lea thompson is cursed and ages really fast) being both creepy and really really depressing

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    I watched the show probably every other night when I was a kid, which was surprising since I would get scared rather easily. I think the Crypt Keeper with that voice was too humorous for me to ever be truly scared by him.

    ...hell if I remember the content of any episode at all, though.
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    What's everyone favorite episodes?

    My top 25:

    1. What's Cooking.
    2, Dig that Cat he is Gone.
    3. Ventriloquist Dummy.
    4. Strung Along.
    5. Fitting Punishment.
    6. And all through the House.
    7. Undertaking Parlor.
    8. Split personality.
    9. Korman's Kalamity.
    10. Cutting Cards.
    11. You Murderer.
    12. Carrion Death,
    13. Lower Berth.
    14. The Trap.
    15. Well Cooked Hams.
    16. Abra Cadaver.
    17. Top Billing.
    18. Revenge is the Nuts.
    19. Doctor of Horror.
    20. Television Terror.
    21. The Third Pig.
    22. Food for Thought.
    23. Easel Kill you.
    24. Yellow.
    25. The Thing from the Grave.

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    My top 1:

    1. Demon Night
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    What about the show?

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