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    Skylanders Academy (Spyro the Dragon/Crash Bandicoot in a Netflix series)

    This has been known about for a while but a trailer dropped recently and it's now on Netflix. There's a part of me that doesn't care because it's Skylanders but there's also the morbid curiosity of seeing not just a TV series about Spyro, but about him AND Crash Bandicoot as well (No Crash in the trailer but he eventually comes into it as the second clip shows).

    Goddamn it's weird hearing Crash talk. He really just shouldn't speak beyond short yelps and exclamations. The little rendition of the theme music from the first Crash game was a nice touch though, I'll give them that.
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    Personally, I find it interesting that way back when the series first came out, they made a big deal about Spyro being in it, even putting his name in the title of the first game to help promote it, and when the series did become popular, they pretty much dropped Spyro and treated him like he was just another random character. Now it looks like their trying to make Spyro being in it important again by making him a lead on the Skylanders show. I guess since they have Crash Bandicoot in it now too, they want to make a big deal about it by going "Hey, we've got two of the most popular and iconic Sony characters from the PS1 in this series!"

    Hearing Crash talk is weird though.

    The show doesn't look bad though, maybe I'll give it a watch and see how it is.

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