@CousinMerl, I got the pun but like you said, it's a bit of a convoluted one (but I guess I should expect such a pun from Luan's mouth, aha). Come to think of it, Lori actually already was kind of a waitress in Job Insecurity for a short time (I guess, it was never shown onscreen), I wonder how they'll handle it now Lynn Sr. has his own restaurant. We can also think of The Waiting Game but it was for a place as short as an arcade so it's a different thing. Also, remember the time when Luna was a "here today gone tomorrow" waitress as well, aha ?

Like I said it's not because of Lana since I think she's an underused sister too (and not a single one of them should be overlooked; heck, her twin has probably twice more episodes than her), and Charles as a focus is also a nice touch, but I'm not a lot fond to this plot and I have the feeling I can already guess how events will go on in this one. But that doesn't mean I'm not interested at all by this episode, I'm still curious to see it of course, how the show will handle such a plot since it showed many times it has talent to make episodes with simple plots quite amazing. We'll see.

Never heard of this show before, to be honest. But I was indeed talking about the Loud family. Just wanted to make clear that I want to see them as their alter ego remaining the focus along with Lincoln and Clyde when the cat will come up into the plot, and not the two boys only.