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Thread: Rate & Review: Duncanville's "Pilot"

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    Rate & Review: Duncanville's "Pilot"

    Duncan learns how to drive a car to impress Mia, his friend and crush.

    Episode isn't out yet but wanted to post this before I forgot.

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    Promising pilot episode, has the fast pacing and humor I'd expect from a Mike Scully/Amy Poehler animated show. Hard to think of any stand out jokes, but I generally felt content watching this. Plot is pretty standard, the ending Duncan giving his parents the tree and being forgiven felt kinda forced, but I can forgive this for a pilot.

    Pretty standard cast of characters (teenage boy, his crazy family and friend circle) but they all seemed likable and easy to expand on, Duncan's apparent movie knowledge and dream sequences being the most unique character trait in the show.

    Animation is okay, better than Bob's Burgers, but not as good as The Simpsons. Slightly above average for a current animated sitcom I'd say. Character designs look like a mixture of a few styles, Groening teeth/overbites, Pendleton Ward noodle bodies/torsos. Duncan even does a Flapjack run for one shot. Visuals are colorful and easy on the eyes, they're fine enough for now.

    Not a great show (yet) but Duncanville certainly has energy and plenty of potential in its colorful cast of characters. Will stick with this for a few more episodes. Thought the same thing after watching Napoleon Dynamite, but hopefully this show actually sticks.

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