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    Rate and Review: Bob's Burgers Presents the 100th Episode: Glued, Where's My Bob?

    During a prank war, the kids get Bob glued to the toilet on the same day he is to be interviewed for a featured article in a magazine. Features a musical number and numerous returns of old and favorite characters.

    So in a way that I both expected and didn't expect this episode the way to go, Bob's Burgers still impresses me with where it can go, even 100 (107) episodes down the road. The plot sounds really stupid, but in Bob's Burgers-fashion, this is the sorta thing that happens with the Belcher clan. It's a monotonous plot, but his crazy kids, his rival, and of course, the whole town, make the plot not seem anywhere as weird. As a fan who's been on this show since day one on January 9, 2011, it's come a long way. There have been uneven points, but I never watched an episode and felt like they were just throwing cash down the toilet. If I ever went an episode without even thinking something was remotely funny in my head, then I must have forgotten or forgiven such an event. Bob's Burgers refuses to sell out for celebrity guest stars who appear as one-offs. Often, special cast such as Zach Galifianakis, Kevin Kline, and even Gary Cole all come back, and some of those special guests come back as different characters.

    I never saw a copy-and-paste effect in Bob's Burgers, and I hope that longevity isn't the death of the show like it has been to other animated series. I got to see my favorite show make it to its 100th episode, despite rumors of cancellation. Even better, I got to watch a cult following grow and I'm still happy to be a part of it. This episode doesn't do much to reflect on the journey, but to put a milestone on top of it without necessarily being over-the-top. The Belchers didn't go to New York. They didn't do something extravagant. But that's fine. 5/5

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    It was everything and more I'd want out of a BB's episode. Even better I really felt Louise's sincere apology this time.. some other ones felt less authentic, just away to end an episode with a come around device. But the 100ep's gooey stuff worked, imo.

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    It started slow, but somewhere around the halfway mark I found I couldn't stop laughing and by the end I was feeling quite emotional. Those credits, man. You've got to root for this family.

    Everything you'd want from a milestone episode and then some. A classic. 5/5

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    I am normally more of a fan of songs in shows than other people, but this time, it just felt out of place.

    And I am also not a fan of Fox Animation Creative Accounting; this was the 107th episode.

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    Yeah but it was the 100th produced. Honestly airing it as the season finale was the best move.

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    Bob and Louise singing to each other in the closing credits :')

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    Wow, 100 episodes. Feels like just yesterday that I started watching the show. (I came in around mid-Season 3.)

    But yeah, I loved Bob and Louise's song myself. Bob's Burgers has a lot of great song. I've heard rumors about a soundtrack album coming soon, which I likely will get.

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