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Thread: What have I missed in the last 7 years? :)

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    What have I missed in the last 7 years? :)

    Well, it's literally been 7 years since I was last here in any capacity and I don't recognize ANY usernames, does anyone remember me by any chance?

    I was a member in the early years of this site from 2004 to the end of 2007 I believe. At that point I deleted my account and simply chose to leave due to lack of interest. As for this 2009 registered account I'm posting from, I barely remember but I "think" in early 2009, I made this new account in an attempt to come back but just lost interest very, very quickly and left again soon after. I'm amazed I remembered the password to this account. Anyways, I have 2 questions.

    So, who's left from the early years of NHC from 2001 to 2007? I would probably remember names. I can't go to members profiles and access their posts to find out because an error message keeps coming up when I try.

    And what's the show like these days? I remember it got pretty bad by the time I left. Can't believe Al Jean is STILL running it hahaha.

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    o shit its 2021 and still havent posted on this forum

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    Oh yeah I remember you.

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    Hey. I only joined recently so I don't remember or reconize you.
    but that's alright. I think you'll enjoy posting here.
    the simpsons had some funny eps later
    (I was pleasantly surprise by how much I like the Great Phatsby special)
    so all in all, I think it's good there's still new Simpsons.
    gives me something fun on Sundays after I watch sports

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    guess they're going on another 7-year hiatus, heh

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    see ya in 2023, gala

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    hey galalimit

    you missed oss
    Quote Originally Posted by Treehouse of Spoopy View Post
    no homers dot net

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    That would be cool if there was a user who checked in on us every 7 years. Would like to get to know him more though....wonder what this place was like in the beginning and stuff since the show had already been on for like a decade and a half by then. Shame, really, what a missed opportunity.

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    nope, but that's about my story. I was digging out spare Simpsons figures to try an sell off and came back looking to see if there was any activity here at all. I'm kind of amazed at ow the entire simpsons collector's community just kind of crashed and burned at some point. I guess the world really was filled up with plush Bart Simpsons.

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    Hey! I joined very recently and I needed a place to dump my fan-art somewhere, heh.
    Nice to see you return!

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