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Thread: Disney Animated Film Discussion

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    I think this is a great idea for discussion.

    I actually have all the Disney animated classics on DVD (not including pixar and the live action films). See my latest Instagram post for further proof

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    I suppose Academy Award Review of Walt Disney Cartoons (1937) is the best place to start.

    "Flowers and Trees" is a pretty creative piece. It was straightforward but an adorable idea where the animation really carries it along, but yeah I can see how your mind might wander on repeated viewings. Everything here is cleverly personified, even with things you wouldn't expect, like the last ember of fire ducking for cover when it's about to be put out. I do like how this short highlights the mutually symbiotic relationships between all things nature and gives it a fun flexibility, or even with more commensal relationships like the birds poking holes through the cloud to make rain. It helps drive the theme of romanticism that it seems to be running with, hence a rather traditionally reassured portrayal of marriage at the end.

    The "Three Little Pigs" and the "Tortoise and the Hare" were probably the most humorous to me. Maybe I'm wrong, but there's no way you can watch either and not have a smile on your face throughout. In TLP, the story is such common knowledge at this point, but the carefree jolliness of the pigs plays so comically well on the tension and anticipation you feel within this short and because of that it holds up tremendously. The song is also very cute and catchy. As for the TatH, it also was a lot of fun and full of great visual gags. I laughed whenever the hare would address or wink to the camera/audience (as if "Can you believe this guy?/Are you getting this?") and his forced, smart alecky laugh is very fitting. Both of these were really funny. The background trivia you brought up is great to keep in mind @thief.

    I was going to say the exact same thing about the sense of depth in the left/right pans in "Three Orphan Kittens". That was pretty astounding, as I don't think I've ever seen something like that to such an extent before with this type of animation. The snow aesthetic was also fantastically rich in texture and helped set that chilled tone of abandonment which makes the curiosity and mischief that ensues from then on quite thrilling and suspenseful. This was an enjoyable piece, and yes, visually exciting.

    "Country Cousin" was also good and was host to some more great imaginative gags like the 2 hallucinations of the rich mouse becoming a bit independent to the real one when the cheese topples. Also, speaking of sense of depth, that shot where the country mouse is avoiding all the pedestrians was a really engaging action moment. I like how the scene transitions into a faded visual montage (wish I knew what this term was actually called) where you just see different horns blaring at the mouse to give this sense of time moving forward with a chaotic journey back home that the mouse must have endured. We didn't need to see it, but we felt it.

    Anyway, all of these put together made for a smooth and accessible entry point. It was a pleasure watching these.

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    that post made me pull my silly symphonies off the shelf and watch those five shorts again. i like them more and more every time i go back to them.

    my mind didn't drift so much during 'flowers and trees' tonight. i'm surprised that the shot of the evil tree laying 'dead' on the ground (here's the one) never stuck out to me before because it's a remarkably grim image, especially within the context of this playful short. it's sort of weird how the character is already a dead tree to begin with, haha. i also noticed something new that i thought was cool: the two vultures circling the body here are both introduced earlier, when the evil tree first wakes up. just a subtle piece of connective tissue to help tie it all together. makes me realize and appreciate how much thought actually went into the production of a seemingly simple seven-minute cartoon.

    i like that transition you mentioned at the end of 'the country cousin' too, lionelhutz123. interesting how up until that point in the cartoon, the world around the mouse is presented as big and expansive (love that pov shot where he looks up at a mountain of cheese), but here it suddenly all closes in on him. i think that sharp contrast helps intensify the sequence, making it more exciting and overwhelming. another thing i like that i didn't take note of before is how the mouse instantly sobers up once the cat comes into the picture, haha.

    also, that hare is such a bastard.

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    The power of Disney cartoons can Heal!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Insomnia View Post
    oof, you people ranking Fantasia 2000 over the original. oof
    Sorry I'm getting to this half a year late, but I prefer Fantasia 2000 because I find the segments more diverse and frankly no less powerful as the 1940 original. I thought even the yo-yo flamingos were really well-done, and if anything provide a solid contrast to the more epic segments like Firebird. And yes, Rhapsody in Blue is absolutely killer.

    Also, I really don't like the Pastoral Symphony segment of the 1940 Fantasia. Maybe I'm just biased because of how much of an impact Hercules made on me as a little kid, but my God has the animation from Pastoral Symphony aged poorly. The rest of the designs from Fantasia, especially in The Rite of Spring, still look outstanding today, but Pastoral Symphony is a tonally confused mess of elegant backdrops and goofy, bubbly-faced cartoon characters, including one that's an obvious racial stereotype. I think Scarfe's designs from Hercules far better represented Ancient Greek work, layering angular-yet-somewhat-gothic simplicity against scenery that was still breathtakingly epic. The look and animation of The Pastoral Symphony just doesn't do it for me, coming off more like a vintage westernization than a piece of classic art being animated to life. For me personally, the clear weakness of The Pastoral Symphony just brings Fantasia 1940 way down as a feature film.
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    Ah yes, i still remember the first Disney animated movie i saw in theaters which was the first movie i ever saw in theaters after Goonies when i was 3 was The Black Cauldron and i had a stuffed Gurgi and a readalong with cassette when i was little plus when i was 4 i had the computer game.

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