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Thread: R&R - Bob's Burgers - "Stand by Gene"

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    R&R - Bob's Burgers - "Stand by Gene"

    Original Air Date: April 3rd, 2016

    Gene, Louise, Tina, and their friends go on a journey to look for a mythical creature that supposedly lives nearby. Meanwhile, during downtime at the restaurant, Linda's competitive nature sends her into overdrive.
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    A perfectly balanced episode. Sweet, funny, extremely well animated and complemented by a strong subplot. With such a great selection of appearances from minor characters, it was an ideal choice for the 100th episode.

    5/5, no brainer.

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    This was a fun episode, basically therapy while watching the awful walking dead finale. The two butted goat easily closed off the family fracas curse of nobody wins endings. 5/5

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    All the kids were super funny, and I also liked that it had the happy ending...probably the best of the season 5/5
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    I really enjoy these episodes where it features all the school kids together and I'd say this is one of the better ones, but I did think the middle act of the plot was pretty meh and I'm really not a fan of Jocelyn tbh, I really don't understand t need to shoehorn her into eps now but she did leave near the end there with Tammy and Darryl (who I wished stayed). The plot itself was a bit too dumb at first but it came togetehr really well at the end there, the b-plot at the restaurant was alright at best imo, nothing too noteworthy but nothing bad.

    solid ep that almost coulda been a 5/5 imo but it gets a 4/5 from me for the flaws

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    Another adorable ep, and nicely paired with 1000 Bounces. Loved the Gene/Zeke/J-Jew triangle going on... and there was a two-butted goat so awesome. Darryl and "Winda" were just icing on the cake.

    This show is now over three digits in eps... surreal.


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    I was about to mention that with how many episodes they've broadcast, this is actually episode 100. I guess it didn't get cancelled after six episodes!

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    Yeah I love these eps with all the kids together. They almost never let me down and this was no exception. Really glad these are the two eps we got, both mainly kid-centric and both really fun. I admittedly tuned out a little during the NARTS stuff but still got a kick out of that. Bob's first miss tickled me so much. Was mainly into everything the kids were doing, which I am so glad paid off for Gene after everything they did.
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