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    What World of Springfield figurines/playsets do you wish had been released?

    Basically self-explanatory. You can pick figurines or playsets which were either cancelled or were never planned to begin with.

    One playset I wish had been released had been the School Playground set featuring Janey, for various reasons. It would have made a nice trifecta with the Classroom and the Cafeteria. I also would like Bart and Lisa’s rooms.

    As for specific figures, I would like to see the planned Richard & Lewis (Lewis even has a line in the Town Square set); as well as Allison, Jessica, and maybe Alex. Hooray for obscure students. I would love a Broken Leg Bart from Bart of Darkness, complete with the little Milpool signature on the cast (I know I failed to recognize the gag in that Fantasy Simpsons thread; don’t remind me), as well as a Cool Lisa from Summer of 4’2”.
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    They pretty much already did all the ones I wanted. Also what do you like about the background kids who have spoken like 5 times each during the whole series run?

    But as for planned but unreleased sets, Oval Office with president Lisa and the rest of the grown up family.

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    Mindy Simmons
    Shary Bobbins
    The Rich Texan
    Cookie Kwan
    Maude Flanders
    Jessica Lovejoy

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    I would have liked to see playmates do at least 4 more waves. I would have liked to see:

    series 17:
    Bigfoot Homer
    Hellfish Grampa
    Mrs Glick
    Mindy Simmons
    Lance Murdoch

    Playset: Flander's basement with Maude

    Series 18:
    Laura Powers
    Casual Skinner
    Chester J Lampwick
    Tux Kang
    Tux Kodos

    Playset: Playground with Janey

    Series 19:
    Johnny Tight lips
    Gorilla Vest Mr Burns
    Jacqueline Bouvier
    Larry and Sam
    Lyle Lanely
    All American Apu

    Playset: Uncle Moe's Family Feedbag with Uncle Moe

    Series 20:
    Work Homer
    Boy Scout Bart
    Gabbo and Arthur Crandle
    Birch Barlow
    Amber and Ginger

    Playset: Mr Burns' Casino with Reclusive Mr Burns

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    I honestly wish they would re-release these as I haven't got any and they're so expensive to get on import etc...

    I'm not sure if they did Master Sushi Chef and the Happy Sumo but that would be a good one.

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