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Thread: Rate & Review: Family Guy - A Lot Going On Upstairs

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    Rate & Review: Family Guy - A Lot Going On Upstairs

    Peter is so bothered by Stewie having nightmares that he starts sleeping in the attic, which soon turns into a place where he and his friends hang out. Brian decides that the only way to help Stewie is by entering his dreams and get him to fight his fears.
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    Really strong episode, lots of fun visuals, gags as well as an interesting plot. Top notch stuff. 5/5
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    yeah this episode felt like it wanted to do something interesting and while they didn't fully go all-the-way (cutting out the attic plot might have swayed me, as silly as it was) it's worth complimenting.

    plus there really didn't seem to be any jokes that just bombed every other second and that's a huge rarity in FG nowadays 4/5

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    since this episode is receiving two raving reviews, i'll be watching and posting my thoughts later this evening. TBA/5

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    I think Stewie's nightmares were a toned down version of Brian's mushroom trip.

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    "Pumpkin Pie"?

    Why do I have the feeling that if I wait to watch the episode on Adult Swim, the line is going to change to "Effin' Cry"?

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    Great episode.

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    The only thing I seem to like about this show is episodes heavy with Stewie & Brian team-ups.. The travel logs and time travels have been done a lot.. so the dream machine thing was new and very welcomed.. great episode.. lots of good laughs 5/5

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