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Thread: Best of Three

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    The Blunder Years - 7/10
    The Frying Game - 6.5/10
    The Great Louse Detective - 5.5/10

    The Crepes of Wrath
    Bart the Murderer
    The Boy Who Knew Too Much

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    Bart the Murderer: 4/5
    The Boy Who Knew Too Much: 3/5
    The Crepes of Wrath: 3/5

    I found The Boy Who Knew Too Much boring and I remember disliking Crepes of Wrath (still probably better than that vacation episode we had recently). Subject to change, of course.

    Marge’s Son Poisoning
    Father Knows Worst
    Bart’s New Friend
    ah (as in apple)-tuh-eef

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