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Thread: Rate & Review: Bordertown - Groundhog Day (1AXH05)

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    Rate & Review: Bordertown - Groundhog Day (1AXH05)

    When Maria's sister has a child, Mexifornia suddenly has a majority of latinos instead of whites. Bud gets worried over this and wants to have another kid with Janice in order to close the gap.
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    so pumped

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    If this show does last (I don't think it will) I wonder how many damn plots they can do about Mexicans vs Whites.

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    For whatever reason, I sat through last night's episode and it was really bad. I got a small laugh at the Mexican CSI Miami joke, but it just had a really uninteresting plot and unlikable characters. It felt like an even worse version of the Cleveland Show, I give it a 2/5
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    That was really bad! The plot is by far the stupidest we've gotten on this show and I didn't laugh one single time.
    None of the characters get any really good moments, not even Ernesto. In fact, this might be the worst use of Ernesto ever. He's usually pretty smart and a likeable guy, but here he was really dumbed down and his weird-sounding groan was annoying. This episode was basically the same thing as any other episode: Bud being afraid of Mexicans. Seriously, how can Hentemann and co. just say "This character isn't racist" when he fucking jumps in joy just because whites become the majority again? Just holy hell, Bud is turning into a character with absolutely no redeeming features. He was unbearable in this episode. All the time he just yelled about "those damn Mexicans", more than ever, and after the millionth time it got really old. The plot is already dumb in itself, but the way it progresses is very jumpy and poorly paced. First we have Bud trying to spice up his sex life with Janice in order to have a baby (all jokes about Bud's wang were godawful, hated them), then we have J.C. helping him for no good reason at all (The reason he does give makes no sense) and then we have the worst anticlimactic "Oh, guess everything is back to basics" ending I've ever seen. Also, whatever the name of that incest kid is, stop bringing him back. HE'S NOT FUCKING FUNNY!!!
    Terrible. For a few episodes it turned into something I can at least watch, but what I got this time was damn near unwatchable. It was so BORING. Nothing interesting happened, nothing was amusing enough to quote. Sorry Bordertown, but you just drove yourself over again. 4/10

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    First episode to have a bit of a weak cold open. Sad. Plot was shit. Onto the jokes.

    "I wonder if they're gonna stop talking about daddy's ding-dong long enough to notice I ain't in school".
    "I work with flowers all day, and at night the flowers work for me!"
    "Happy Groundhog Day dad! Break a penis!"
    Pinata bit
    "News trucks? Am I in a well again?"
    "It's not so bad being a minority. Everyone loves your food but hates you".
    That thing with Steve morphing into a big wig Texan stereotype and back again
    Straight Uncle Jorge.
    The Diction Fairy
    J.C. explaining the Irish coming to the US.
    Mexican Wheel of Fortune
    Mexican CSI: Miami
    "Honkies Be Boinkin'"
    "Put your penis where you mouth is"
    "I'll make the ultimate sacrifice for my country and have sex with my wife!"
    Ernesto roleplaying and Bud yelling at him for it
    The Kennedy bit
    The Stripper vending machine thing
    Michelin Man
    Ernesto being all "Uh oh, a minority on my lawn!" to Bud
    Ernesto as Zorro.
    "Our love towel's gonna attract so many ants"
    "Hola, Maria! I have a rash on my rectum"
    Ernesto trying to stop Maria and Bud being all "This is weird"
    "I got all my farts out in the hallway"/"Why does the hallway smell like Southwest Airlines?"
    "The baby my cousin had just had a baby! You gotta see this, it's like those Russian dolls!"
    Mexican Shark Tank
    Bud being known for "Yelling at a cancer patient during the national anthem to take his damn hat off"
    George discovering the white reservation
    "Usually when this many white people gather in a crappy place, it's to kill others or themselves"
    The whole tour of the reservation
    Celine Dion bit
    Jimmy Buffet slam
    Running Water
    "I wonder what's going on, I haven't been at work for a month".
    Bud tossing Ernesto in the air (That was fucking adorable)
    The live action stuff at the end

    Crippled guy playing football
    Inverted penis... pretty much everything regarding Bud's inverted penis. There's too many awful jokes about it for me to bother listing them.
    Literal irritable bowel
    Rhythm bit
    Neighbor of unknown origin
    "I'm in your room, burning your stuff"
    Businesses changing names to reflecting the Mexican majority
    That guy going after his ex wife
    Glenn Frey (Poor timing on the airing of this given that the dude died not that long ago)
    Brown Guilt
    "Ew, my horse's wiener came out!"
    "I can't get pregnant anymore. Remember when I did a triple flip on the trampoline and my uterus flew out across the yard?"

    Eh... 2.5/5, I guess? 2 for the poll.
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