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Thread: R&R Bob's Burgers: "The Gene and Courtney Show"

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    R&R Bob's Burgers: "The Gene and Courtney Show"

    Gene and Courtney (reprised by David Wain) catch a big break when they become the new hosts of the morning announcements.

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    Wasn't a fan of this. Just a boring romance story for the most part, although the bit with Bob and Teddy at the flower shop was funny. Still barely scrapes by with a 2/5. One of the worst episodes of the show for me.
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    ehhh... the subplot was generally decent, but the gene/courtney story left me in the cold, mostly because that is certainly not a character i felt needed the spotlight again. it just felt like kind of a watered-down version of UNBEARABLE LIKE-LIKENESS. will forte as the av guy was good for a few chuckles but otherwise not one of this show's finest outings, i'll give it a 3/5 just because it made me laugh enough

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    I had a brief laughing fit in the beginning when the principal droned on to list which water fountains were available. I just love how they expected the kids to take note of each fountain location through some shoddy association. I could swear they used to do something like that over the PA in my middle school/high school. just feeling the need to inform you on the most obscure, unnecessary thing.

    episode was ok. it gave me the enjoyed smile throughout but not constantly laughing like other eps manage to do. I did like tina's "cross the t's, dot the i's, and follow up with the n-a" joke (paraphrasing). the stories were just alright, not bad though.

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    I enjoyed it. Maybe it was the withdraw symptoms I've had for the past month, or just Will Forte. 4/5

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    huh surprised to see the muted reaction. I loved this one. all the plots were adorable and funny, the ending was surpisingly heartfelt and open-ended as well as expanding the character of gene without managing to fuck it up. this is especially noteworthy in that courtney's past two apperances she was an antagonist and the end was starting to vaguely head in that direction but it swerved. all the while the show is aware that, just like in "boyz for now" this is taking a character outside thier comfort zone and the need to handle it smoothly. louise was showcased in what was really an incredible meltdown, and here gene just becomes remarkably sedate. which leads to a hilarious but brief scene to all the other belchers reacting to the random surprise of witnessing gene and courtney kiss.

    this is really how "gene it on" should've been like. the tina plot was just okay, but I loved once again how it eventually dovetailed into the A-plot, and the comic brilliance of bob's plot (and just to make it better, of course they added teddy) just caps off what easily is so far the best episode of the season.

    so next valentine's day ep is about louise and regular-sized rudy, yes? please?


    edit: forgot to mention how jon benjamin nailed literally every labonz line to make it that much funnier. every single one. amazing.

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    Agreed with Ryan's review.

    I thought it was sweet, funny, well-plotted and enjoyably non-status-quo (my Simpsons experience made me expect that Gene and Courtney would break up and lose their show, when neither really happened). Every Belcher family member had their own time to shine here, with consistently fun results that left me smiling at the end when all the plots coalesced. The humor was solid too, from the mundane morning announcements to fun one-liners like "It looks like Valentine's Day just threw up in here" and Tina's "T-I-N-A" bit.

    Despite Courtney being kind of a gross weirdo, she was fairly sympathetic here, and Gene even moreso. Bob's Burgers is still the best show on TV. Voted 5.
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    Didn't care for this one at all. Found it really dull and unfunny. 2/5

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    I agree with the good reviews.

    It's about time we have a Gene episode I can definitively call a classic along side character episodes for Louise and Tina like Carpe Museum and Tina Wrecks. Genuinely emotional stuff from Gene being put outside his comfort zone, FINALLY we can say a recurring character has come into the show through Gene (as every other friend the kids ave come through Louise or Tina), genuinely funny stuff. 5/5.
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    Jeez. I know Gene can be divisive, but this was a 5/5. Really fantastic character development for Gene here and it was a terrific reversal of gender roles to have Courtney be the one keeping things professional despite her feelings. She really progressed as well, you can see the writers trying to steer her toward her father's career. Gene waking up, lovelorn, in the middle of the night to scribble out a thoughtful yet vague song about love is one of his most relatable moments on the show so far.

    The subplot was very strong as well with Tina 100% in her element, functioning once again as the show's most sympathy-inducing character. She turned into her mother's daughter with the letter-tearing, but she's been known to go a bit unstable when it comes to romance. The carnation delivery montage (great top-down direction and expressive animation here) was a downer, but the ending with Jimmy Jr. was a relief. I have no idea what's going on with those two at this point.

    As for everyone else, Louise is very subtly amusing here, soaking in the chaos without actively contributing to it. Linda has been on a good run lately. They've turned her character down a few notches since seasons 3-4 and it's been a net positive. Bob's harebrained schemes to find last minute carnations provided much of the episode's humor. The skeevy black market wholesale that Teddy discovered was one of the show's more imaginative locations. Valentine's Day was shitty for Bob and Linda like always, but hey, they made out, and that's better than a lot of Valentine's that I've had.

    Not the funniest episode of the show, but that's perfectly fine when the characterizations are so spot on and real character progression is being made. This was a strong episode from everyone involved and it added some depth to a couple of the show's more tentative relationships. 5/5.
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