I did a search for 1970s Japanese animation, finding no American series showing my taste from this era, and stumbled upon a clip from a 1979 Doraemon episode. From here, I realised that most of the current Cartoon Network shows in production (plus some of the others) use a style of character design that looks quite similar to the older series. For comparison, here is an image of the '79 series. I'm not really into Cartoon Network, so I can't give many details on the characters, but I in particular see influence towards that fairly new one about a boy who wears a red shirt. Adventure Time also has vague similarities, as can I see Suneo (boy on the right) looking a little like how a Simpsons character might.

Has anyone else heard of this show (ran for 26 years in this form)? If so, what would your thoughts be towards it, and would you say it's been an influence on American animation in recent years or not?