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    Quote Originally Posted by goodfella View Post
    yeah I dont know what this means

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    i really don't know what you people thought this game should be. should we have voted for our third favorite list just to spice things up?
    Quote Originally Posted by Tiny Sandford II View Post
    While not humorous, would be cool if someone actually put this in their sig.

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    Well my gripe with goodfella's list is that his approach to picking episodes seemed like he was just going through a top 100 list and choosing the next-highest episode on there. And I'm not saying it's not a valid strategy, but it certainly takes a lot of the subtleties out of this game, since there's fewer decisions over what seasons are more competitive and need to be chosen first, less consideration of choosing a variety of episodes focused on different characters, and less effort in balancing personal opinion into the list. Maybe it's not exactly what he did, but 12 people running down a top 100 list doesn't exactly make for a thrilling game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Served On-plate No. 2 View Post
    i really don't know what you people thought this game should be. should we have voted for our third favorite list just to spice things up?
    Well if your favorite list of episodes actually is milpool then lol. middling season 1 and 9 picks, absolute garbage mirkin picks, and it's largely a homer-dominated list besides like 2 episodes and it's because they're huge crowd-pleasing episodes. there is no variety and no thought put into this list, and it makes me kinda mad because i could have so easily done a list like this that is just pandering nonsense. from what i've seen, most judges even kind of agreed, there are shit episodes on there, but there's those titan episodes too

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    Quote Originally Posted by silent disco View Post
    well ive been anti-this thread from the getgo anyway. if ppl had fun with it far be it from me to shun them for it but with these results it does seem to have been a pointless endeavor. if the goal was confirming that the popular opinion of the board has held steady, then mission accomplished
    But the intent of this game isn't necessarily about making a value statement about episodes' quality anyway. The episodes are known quantities at this point. Everyone knows what stuff usually ranks well when we do NHC polls. The game is instead about using this knowledge (and balancing it with one's own preferences) in building a team that you like and that everyone else would like too. It's less of a reviewing exercise and more of a meta game.

    If the criticism is that goodfella was able to get 4 Top 20 episodes and cruise his way to an easy win, then maybe the specific criticism you're implying is that the other 11 owners let him take 4 Top 20 episodes uncontested.

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    i think goodfellas list is pretty generic and wouldn't have ranked it as #1 even if i didnt participate, but i think calling this game a "popularity contest" just because he won is way oversimplifying it. for one, its not like he just scrawled out a list of NHC NUMBER ONE EPISODES, he had to pick like everyone else. he just picked all the favorite episodes and was left with some shitty other eps. and hell, he wasn't even picked first by that many people. tl;dr @silent disco is a super wrong doofus!!!!!!

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    I love women.

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