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Thread: Rate & Review: Halloween Of Horror

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    Rate & Review: Halloween Of Horror

    Homer doesn't want Lisa to be frightened, so he takes down all the Halloween decorations. A lot of Halloween decoration salesmen takes it as a negative gesture!
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    "KONY 2012"

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    Here we go!
    * Black cats with arched backs.
    * Huffing glowstick.
    * Moleman.
    End of act 1. Crap. 4/10.
    * Homer drinking.
    * Lisa singing.
    End of act 2. That was even worse. 2/10.
    * Decent song.
    ** I saw an areola!
    Terrible. 2/10.
    Overall, even worse than Every Man's Dream and 'Cue Detective! 3/10.
    Ending scene was weird.
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    Man, I gave this a 5/5. Loved it. Homer/Lisa is the show's best pairing. Detailed review later.

    Anything I didn't like (if any) I've already forgotten because I enjoyed everything else so much.
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    Haven't done one of these in many seasons, I feel.

    Homer talking about how much money he spent on the park
    Lisa scared
    Revealing that Homer was holding Moleman's hand
    "Hello. Scrotum."
    "I want to finally find out which one is Rod and which one is Max."
    Lenny: "Oh damn it, I lost it."

    Marge's voice
    Kinda sad seeing Hoover as the "slutty" teacher considering that was definitely Krabappel's role.
    Ralph's "I saw an areola" was amusing, but wasn't at all like him. Probably would have been better coming from a character like Kearney or a pathetic man like Kirk.

    Halloween of Horror for once felt fresh and had good drama and moments of emotion. No wonder why, it was a Matt Selman episode. It was nice to see them try something new. 4/5

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    That was an enjoyable episode and some homage was paid to the movie, Halloween, which ironically, the movie marathon for that said film begins tomorrow. On top of that the pairing between Homer and Lisa was really good. I also liked the segment with Bart and Marge. I give it a 4/5.

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    This episode sounded good on paper and it really lived up to its potential. This should've been done years ago. The episode wasted no time getting the ball rolling and was well paced. It was actually suspenseful and no jokes were cringeworthy. The Krusty Land scenes were great, and Marge and Bart's subplot was rather enjoyable. I loved the robot E.T. joke. While not memorable, the adult Halloween song was a nice touch. The end with the Kang and Kodos was icing on the cake. Matt Selman really needs to take over as producer. 5/5

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    1) I like it when they have Lisa act like an actual kid.

    2) For the Adult Halloween song was the tune Time Warp.

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    That was such a fun episode! Since Halloween is my favorite holiday, I naturally enjoyed it, and it helped to put me in the mood. I liked the whole "EverScream Terrors" bit, Apu's pop-up Halloween store, the scary Krustyland setup, the Pine Hills Halloween block party, the "NC-17 Halloween" musical number, and Lenny and Carl's realistic Kang and Kodos suits.
    I did feel bad for Lisa when she was upset, though...
    Seeing that "zombie" peel off his rubber mask to reveal Otto reminded me of the time he disguised as the fake "State Comptroller Atkins" from "Lisa Gets an 'A'."

    Though we aren't doing much with Halloween decorations this year in our house, as we may be moving next year. And I do wish my hometown of Brockton had similar Halloween events like that on Halloween night instead of just trick-or-treating...

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    As a parent to two young kids (one who's scared of all things Halloween), who definitely waits until they're asleep so I can take my husband out to the midnight showings of Rocky Horror Picture Show, This was dead on.
    5/5 Would dance the Time Warp again.

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    i liked it. had some good humor and the plot was solid.

    although did that third invader even speak? i know nick kroll/blake anderson invaders did because Guest Stars, but i don't think that one guy did.

    "Also Starring: Renee Ridgeley" when were you when selman nepotism is alive and real

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    What can I say about this episode? It must have been the greatest episode in years! It's was funny, cute, the story made sense for once and the music, ooooh the music was absolutely beautiful! (Especially during that scene on the roof). Also, I liked seeing Homer and lisa together. I think they make a great team.

    Great episode in Overall. The only reason I didn't give this episode a 5 outa 5 is because of the weird fog machine joke. Maybe I'm a little too nit picky. Ok screw that. 5 outa 5.

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    Super cool Halloween ep, Scared Lisa was super cute.. Homer was a nonstop laugh maker.. A-Boo really knows how to manage low lives..
    I didnt know what was gonna happen next. 5/5

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    This was excellent. I liked how much Lisa acted like an actual eight-year-old girl, and she was very believable. Her behavior reminded me of The Girl Who Slept Too Little. The humor dipped a little bit after the first act, but it was replaced by a very nice Homer-Lisa scene with them together in the attic after the pop-ups appeared out of the fog (which I was sure was going to turn someone inside out). The scene ended with Lisa giving up her cherished Tailee, but I think it definitely would've been a more powerful moment if Tailee had been seen or mentioned in previous episodes. Still, it was done quite well. The subplot wasn't much for the most part, but the "grown-up Halloween" was hilarious. A surprisingly poignant and touching episode that is deserving of a 5/5.
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    Fantastic episode from start to finish. Dan and Nancy did particularly good jobs here. Like, it sounded like they had emotion in their voices and that's not something I'm accustomed to hearing. Great jokes, guest stars didn't distract and made for easily detestable antagonists, fun musical number, and all around just a really cool Halloween story.

    I don't know if I'd ever want them to do another "Halloween of Horror" for fear it just falls flat, but this was a rare home run for a modern Simpsons episode. 5/5
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    This is first episode that I really saw during it's first broadcast. Unfortunately, I had a problem during the broadcast and I had to rewatch the episode an hour later. I should probably wait to see it again before talking about it because there are so many things that we can talk about in this episode. I knew that this episode was going to be okay, but never more than that. This episode is the reason why I still love watching the series and why it still deserves its place nowadays.

    We start the episode rather slowly with the Simpsons who are preparing for Halloween. Then there's the scene in Krustyland that is just great entertainment with great animation and it's nice to finally see Lisa behave like someone his age. Then it was Lisa who becomes paranoid with a scene at the school that is not too long just perfect length and we discover Tailee. This idea is awesome for an Halloween episode and I loved it. Then Lisa finds herself alone with Homer and the guys who lost their job because of Homer and they visit Homer for their revenge. All this time with the guys at home, I was afraid of some stupid things that could happen and that coould ruin the episode but the end was good and I really like the fact that they burn Tailee to save themselves.

    For the side-story, it does not take a lot of space and it's okay like that. In addition, it starts about 1/3 in the episode or even a little later in the episode so it is normal that it is not so important. I loved the small town with the big Halloween party and it surprised me, because I was sure that Marge would have made Bart enter in the party somehow, but it's not the case and that's a very good thing . I'm not sure that this would have contributed to the episode except perhaps make us less loved this place that looked amazing. Then we discover the adult Halloween and I even liked this beautiful song that allowed us to see all the hilarious costumes of the adults.

    I also fear that this episode would have a crappy ending as is the case in the first episode of the same season (Every Man's Dream) even if this episode was not as good as HOH. I loved the gag with Carl and Lenny disguised as Kang and Kodos. After the first tier of the episode, I wanted to put a 3,5, then a 3,75 and after the excellent song I was thinking about a 4. I will keep the 4/5 because this episode is really good but when I'll see it a second, maybe I'll put 4,25. Who knows.
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    I'll give it a 4/5. top notch ep
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    That was as close to a classic episode as I can expect these days. Really really liked it! Felt extremely old school to me, with great characterizations and vocal performances from the whole cast. Story was tight and very well-told, quality musical number, and plenty of funny sight gags and lines throughout. Surprised some people are listing Ralph's line as a negative, thought it was one of the funniest.
    Easily the best episode in three years or so.

    The disparity between the Selman and Jean episodes this season is more blatant than ever... 'Cue Detective was solid and tonight's was great, whereas the premier and Puffless were... Well, I don't have much nice to say.
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    This has been the best episode in years. Most of my reasons for loving it have been stated, but this is the bottom line: A fun, straightforward plot that had room to breathe because of the absence of a couch gag, Lisa acting like an actual eight year old, funny one liners and jokes ("I saw an areola", Lou dressed as Bert from Sesame Street, "I forgot to pay my phone bill", etc.), references to the original Halloween, all meshed to make for a great episode. The Homer/Lisa dynamic was handled really well here, and as shown before, they make an excellent pairing during episodes. The Bart and Marge trick-or-treating side story was also short, but great as well. I don't know if it's just because I'm partial to episodes with Lisa and Homer paired, but for me, this was one hell of a ride. 5/5, 10/10.
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    What was the name of the song?

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    Don't have much to add that hasn't already been said. This was easily the best episode since Steal This Episode and I think it may well even hold up better than that ep over time. Definitely an episode I'll be re-watching with some frequency and easily the best Homer-Lisa episode in over a decade (Brick Like Me gets a little undermined by the Lego gimmick).

    I didn't immediately break out the CLASSIC rating I've only doled out once in the HD era to Holidays of Future Passed but I'm not averse to the idea. This episode did so many things right and, frankly, I'm thrilled to see the level of script Selman has been able to get out of Joel H. Cohen and Carolyn Omine this past month. I honestly think Selman could showrun a half-decent Tim Long episode given this standard of output.

    I do want to pass along some kudos to Mike B. Anderson who directed this episode... only his 2nd high-def effort since the best Treehouse of Horror of the HD era (THOH XX). The direction and use of shadows in both the Krustyland theme park segment while Lisa was running in terror and the NC-17 Halloween music segment was top-notch. Probably my fave director of the early Jean era not named MacMullan. Hope this isn't just a cameo return by him because he does great work.
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    Gorillas on the Mast - 3.5/5 / Marge the Lumberjill - 2/5 / Livin' La Pura Vida - 5/5
    THANKSGIVING OF HORROR = A-Gobble-ypto - 3/5 / The Fourth Thursday After Tomorrow - 5/5 / The Last Thanksgiving - 3.5/5
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    One of my favorite episodes in a long, long time. It was just amazing. And I liked it even more so because of how crazy I go about decorating for Halloween (my favorite holiday!).


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    that was a work of art
    frickin art

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    whoa, this ep was actually pretty good. decently funny, had a good plot and characterization, a nice song and good animation.
    I guess with this being the first non thoh Halloween ep they decided to go all out and actually try. defiantly one of the best jean/hd ep

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    I'm happy to second everyone else's sentiments on this episode - best episode since The War of Art and maybe the best Halloween-related ep (read: Treehouse of Horror) since XIV.

    The concept of migrant holiday shop workers is one of those Selman-esque ideas - an idea that no one would expect being made into a TV script, but here's Matt Selman doing it and doing it right. (Think card counting in Sky Police, old-school wrestling in Gorgeous Grampa, or even barbecue smokers in Cue Detective.) And with these bum workers, Selman manages to construct a Halloween story scarier than anything we've seen out of the show in at least 10 years - and perhaps more surprising, it all happens inside the Simpson household, and no one dies or gets hurt.

    The three act structure is certainly used to the episode's advantage here, because instead of telling multiple stories, everything ties together (again, another aspect of Selman episodes often not seen in Jean eps - look at Puffless jumping around between plots) - Everscream Terrors (ouch) is dismantled at the beginning but becomes a pivotal part of the story in the climax. Lisa's raccoon tail (?) is burned "symbolically" as she finds bravery in herself (in retrospect, it was sort of a cliche bit, but well, it got me so what do I know). Bart's story was a bit of a detour from the main plot, but it ties up the loose knot of why Homer and Lisa were in the house alone, and it provides us with the delightful "hello Scrotum." Gotta love a recurring gag separated 5 minutes apart, especially in the day and age of Homer: "I do not set off car alarms when I stamp my foot!" *car alarm instantly goes off*

    It's also worth noting that no one has complained about the fact that the Simpsons do not usually set up amazing holiday displays (see: Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire). For me, it's one of those cases where circumstances are stretched for a purpose - the Simpson house is suddenly next to the power plant parking lot, Homer becomes "the fun dad" in The Food Wife, and the Simpsons holiday display is the talk of the town so that it can become part of Lisa being scared.

    The standout animation definitely helped out the whole tone of the episode. Most of the main story was set in the Simpson house, but there were so many new and ambitious angles tonight that gave the setting a whole new feel. A far cry from the generic shot of the sofa or the dining room we've come to know and get bored of. Same goes for the music cues - seems like Scott Clausen got some work tonight, since his name appeared in the credit next to Alf's and Allen Simpson's. I dug the NC-17 Halloween musical number too - the idea of adults getting in the Halloween action after the kids go to sleep is pretty inspired.

    The only thing that disappointed me tonight was the fact that it's four episodes into the season and we've already gone through 2 of the 4 Selmans. Voted 5/5 on poll.
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    Sorry, but this only gets a 2 from me; I just couldn't shake how out of character Lisa appeared to be.

    Written by Carolyn Omine
    Directed by Mike B. Anderson
    No billboard, blackboard, or couch opening
    Special Guest Voice: Blake Anderson, Nick Kroll
    Also Starring: Pamela Hayden, Tress MacNeille, Chris Edgerly, Russi Taylor, Renee Ridgeley
    Additional score by Gregory Prechel & Scott Clausen
    Overseas Animation: Akom
    TV Rating: TV-14-DLSV

    Despite being TV-14, there was no "Viewer Discretion Advised" screen (the only Simpsons episode to have one: "There's Something About Marrying").

    Bart's "It's over - I missed Halloween" could be a reference to Sally saying "Halloween is over - I missed it!" in It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown (she also says it in one of the comic strips).

    The Zipline Groupon has #TABF22 on it.

    Fireworks on Halloween reminds me of the Hey Arnold! Thanksgiving episode, which has fireworks on Thanksgiving. Coincidentally, this episode premiered on October 18, which is Hey Arnold! creator (and Matt Groening brother-in-law) Craig Bartlett's birthday.

    LYRICS - "NC-17 Halloween"
    Music by Allen Simpson; Lyrics by Carolyn Omine

    The children are all sleeping
    Not one kiddie on the street
    The fun's just starting for mommy and daddy
    Sexy tricks and boozy treats
    Drunken hobbits hit on slutty crayons
    Policemen dressed as bondage Frankenstein
    Your kid's teacher in a steampunk orgy
    Grown-ups become monsters after nine
    It's time for grown-up Halloween
    Close your eyes if you're under 18
    It's my chance to show boobs
    Live my fantasy
    'Cause tomorrow morning
    We won't remember a thing
    Our lives are awful and dreary
    So tonight we're going way, way, way, way, way, way too far
    Hide your kids - this cannot be unseen
    It's naked, wasted, grown-up Halloween

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    Quote Originally Posted by Captain_Smiley View Post
    For the Adult Halloween song was the tune Time Warp.
    No, but it was meant to sound a lot like it.

    Quote Originally Posted by Tattooed Billionaire View Post
    What was the name of the song?
    According to the closing credits, the title is "NC-17 Halloween".

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    haven't posted here in a while, and probably still won't! but i wanted to come in and share my opinions on this wonderful ep tonight. i've avoided most simpsons seasons like the plague since about season 19 (and most seasons before that were forgettable), but i tend to tune in at least once or twice a season for episodes i know i'll find interesting (last season, it was the judd apatow show, and before that, i think i saw last year's THOH, which was great). point is, each time i tune in, i'm delighted. i may just be tuning in on good shows, but the simpsons has somehow still got a lot left in it, and i'm impressed by what i keep finding. it feels, at least in the few samples i've seen, better than it's been in years.

    that being said, let's get into the show. just a good, good character episode. i really, really enjoyed the pairing of homer and lisa. i thought it was a tad out of character for lisa to be so ungodly scared of halloween shit, but at the same time, i like that it humanizes her a bit, makes her more of an eight-year old. homer acted like a good dad in this show, too, which is nice to see. i enjoyed the musical number, which was an awesome touch. tailee was a great plot element (forgive me for asking, but this is an original plot element devised for this show, correct? haven't watched since, like, '09). also: that meta-reference at the beginning didn't strike me as painful... it felt completely fresh! until, of course, they dragged in into a 15-second thing. i would've loved just a passing reference to THOH and move on. maybe we could've fit in a couch gag there?

    this episode felt way more cinematic than your average show, owing to its seasonal theme i suppose, and the animation department didn't disappoint on this show. people complain FAR too much about the show's animation quality today, a fact i kept hearing in my head as i watched this episode. while the technical character animation may be rather stilted at times, it's the way this show was built to be from the beginning: an animated sitcom. this ep would've benefited from some fun, wilder animation, but it's the simpsons. i may just be far out of the loop, but the amount of detail put into the backgrounds and scenery in the show now are very, very impressive. they're approaching simpsons movie detail, which i imagine is due to the prevalence of animation software (don't they partially board/animate the show in toon boom these days?)

    minor notes: workaholics guy and kroll did nice, albeit tiny guest spots, and kavner sounds like she's having trouble keeping it together. that's okay, because yeardley sounded great. also!! happy to see selman helm an episode as EP again. i've noticed his name in some of the better episodes of recent seasons (namely, "a totally fun thing...") and i would be more than happy just to see him take over for jean full-time, very soon.


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    I'm a bit surprised with how well received this episode is... It was certainly above average, but nothing spectacular. The plot was pretty reminiscent of The Girl Who Slept Too Little, but it was done competently enough that that doesn't really matter because you're too focused on the fact that the plot is being competently executed. And Lisa's characterization was great. Not all of the emotion was convincing, but that was competent by HD era standards as well. The biggest failure on that front was the "climax" in which Lisa makes the heartwrenching decision to sacrifice the filthy stuffed tail that has never been seen before and isn't even attached to animal any longer. Accompanied by that dramatic, cinematic music just to make sure that we know this is an emotional scene. I mean, the "emotion" was way over done there. Another example was the moment Lisa decided to get over her fears in the attic and think of a solution, which I didn't find believable at all. At every point before that, she was crippled by hear fear, so it's a bit too convenient that she can just get over it that easily. One other major problem was the humor, which almost universally failed and sometimes brought me out of the emotion or atmosphere the episode was trying to establish. Particularly egregious were the self-referential jokes which completely lacked subtlety and just seemed clumsy and forced (the exception being Lenny and Carl dressed up as Kang and Kodos). It's not that the humor was particularly bad here though (at least not by HD standards), and fortunately, it wasn't frequent enough to seriously harm the episode. Another thing I wasn't a big fan of was the song, mostly because neither the singing nor the song itself was very good (not terrible, but certainly not good). Otherwise, this was a solid episode. I particularly liked the amusement park scene, which actually portrayed Lisa's fear quite convincingly. Easily one of the best scenes of the HD era, making up for a lot of the episode's flaws. 6/10

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    Well, this episode was great up till the guys got into the house and the best jokes, IMO were Homer and Lisa doing the "Halloween" theme and the "We're in the house" with the blood. Also, I think tonight's episode is receiving great reviews because the episode felt like a real episode, instead of a random bunch of stuff that happens. However, I think an apt comparison would be HoH would to S27 as "Bart Vs. Thanksgiving" is to S2.

    Overall, a 3.5 rounded up to a 4.

    So far my idea 'wishlist' is coming true:

    Non-ThoH Trilogy episodes
    A story about Homer and Marge set after High school, but before Bart was born
    An episode that takes place on Halloween, but is not a THoH episode
    A Simpsons spinoff with the kids older...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Insanity Pepper View Post
    Particularly egregious were the self-referential jokes which completely lacked subtlety and just seemed clumsy and forced (the exception being Lenny and Carl dressed up as Kang and Kodos).
    Yeah, I'll second that the obligatory Treehouse of Horror references at the start and end felt really by-the-numbers. Flanders had to go through the whole structure of a Treehouse of Horror and everything.

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