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Thread: He-Man and The Masters of The Universe

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    He-Man and The Masters of The Universe

    1980s American animation with 2 seasons and 130 epsodes. I'm watching some episodes on youtube right now. He-Man deserves a thread on this forum.

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    Lemme drop this here and I'll be off.

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    Just like most people of my generation, I LOVED He-man back in the day. Orko and Skeletor were my idols!

    But with that said, she show really doesnt hold up well when you go back and watch it as an adult. The same is true for most 80's cartoons of course, but He-man in particular doesnt just have bad writing, it also has terrible animation. Although of course, these aspects does give it a sort of "so bad its good" quality that allows one to derive a certain different kind of enjoyment from the show.

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