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Thread: R&R Bob's Burgers: "The Millie-churian Candidate"

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    R&R Bob's Burgers: "The Millie-churian Candidate"

    Tina and Louise volunteer to run Jimmy Junior's class president campaign in order to keep Millie (guest voice Molly Shannon) from winning, and ruining the school. Meanwhile, Bob becomes obsessed with a knife after talking himself into buying it for $300.

    I loved this episode. Both plots were great, and I loved the twist with Henry at the end. Best of the season so far.
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    yeah sorry... i'm on the opposite end, wasn't feeling this one. the character of millie is just not interesting to me, and molly shannon sounds too adult and it weirds me out. i did like henry's explanation as to how he rigged it all up but it was too late for me to give this anymore than a 2.5/5. i laffed more at FG which was weird.

    the smear videos were easily the best part though. the repeated loop of jimmy jr dancing made it.

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    I honestly felt this one was pretty weak IMO. 2.5/5

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    on the cards airalba's Avatar
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    Loved the animation when Gene was screaming about dessert.

    Other than that it was an episode of Bob's Burgers. 3/5

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    coughing up snot Insomnia's Avatar
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    I really don't know why but I just wasn't feeling episode everything just felt rushed and a bit to hectic. Bob felt a little,too stupid to me as well but I did like the song in the end credits as well as the last act of this episode as a whole.
    Idk maybe a 2.5/5

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    in the back of a pick-up Ryan's Avatar
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    yeah I liked the twist at the end and the smear videos but overall it was just okay

    the bob/teddy subplot wasn't nearly as funny as it should've been. (although the song and linda's incompetence did make me smile)


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    Not sure whether this is up for contender of worst episode of Bob's Burgers yet. Like It Snakes a Village, it's not terrible, but it's really not the Bob's Burgers standard. Perhaps a little... over done and dry.

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    Not the best, but I found it decently entertaining. The young boy getting bleeped for swearing on the school news and then dejectedly saying "Sorry" right after had me laughing for a minute straight. And Bob and Ted's ridiculous face-off at the end was pretty hilarious. 3.5/5

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    Personally, I found it better than the last 2 episodes. This one actually had an interesting plot for once unlike those last two episodes and it's more consistently funny. Personally I think the subplot had the funniest moments of the episode like when Bob tried wiping his eye with an onion and realizing it's a bad idea after he does it which was the funniest part of the episode, but the main plot had lots of funny moments too. While this episode isn't Bob's Burgers on top of it's game, it's still a pretty good episode and hopefully the next one will be just as good if not better. 8/10
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    Comic Book Me Shaunbadia's Avatar
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    Like most of the thread, I also wasn't really feeling this one. The thing is, when you get a Bob's Burger episode that doesn't really click, it winds up being more dull than just straight up unwatchable like most other shows IMO. 2/5

    Really liked Teddy singing at the end though.

    Quote Originally Posted by Insomnia View Post
    Bob felt a little,too stupid
    Agreed. I actually think this is a general problem with Bob not having much to do in an episode. Giving him ho-hum subplots of no real importance just seems to reduce him to doing silly shit that makes him feel less grounded as a character.
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    A World Without Lawyers HerbertMcHoover's Avatar
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    Very below average episode for this show. Molly Shannon was solid and it is nice to see her get work, but yeah... not really feeling it. 3/5.

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    Proud of Being Lame Nitsy's Avatar
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    I think it's interesting that the biggest complaint about this episode is "not feeling it". That has to be the vaguest gripe I've ever heard. I thought this one was pretty funny, although I agree that the Bob plot was somewhat weak and seemed more like filler. The Louise plot had me laughing and there's nothing wrong with Millie's voice; voice acting on this show has always been strange. Kids sounding adult, men doing female characters, very rushed seemed par for the course to me.
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