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Thread: Episode titles taken literally.

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    Trilogy Of Error = In the style of "Life's A Glitch, Then You Die", we see three stories about Springfieldians involved with major internet issues during the late 90s.

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    Tis the 30th Season = Tis the 15th Season, but updated with modern pop culture references.
    A Tree Grows in Springfield = 30 minutes of a animated tree growing, which causes me to groan.
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    Pokey Mom - Marge gets addicted to the Pokemon games.
    Lemon of Troy = Shelby's Father (AKA Troy)'s lemons are proven to be extremely sticky, creating weird shut mouths. This causes a controversy in Springfield wanted Troy to shut down his factory, leading to Quimby shutting it down.

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    Bart Stops to Smell The Roosevelts = Lisa discovers a new kind of flower, a "Roosevelt". Bart steals Lisa's roosevelt and passes it as his own discovery

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