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Thread: Should Frinkiac offer a 480p option for later episodes

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    Should Frinkiac offer a 480p option for later episodes

    Since New Years 2018, I’ve watched one Simpsons episode in order from the very beginning, and have now recently finished “Rednecks and Broomsticks”. As I’ve gone through the series, I’ve taken one screencap I think best sums up an episode, and makes it recogniseable, and have saved an album of them on my Photos app. For the first 17 seasons, this involved looking them up on Frinkiac, then from 18 onward, using Springfield! Springfield!, which is better than nothing.

    However, as I’ve entered the HD era, it makes my Season 13-17 screencaps stick out more, since Frinkiac uses the upscaled Blu Ray releases as a source. I prefer to watch these episodes (y’know, when they’re good) in their native 480p, so keeping the 720p pics is distracting. This is especially since S!S! uses the original TV broadcast rips, which are easier on my old iPad’s storage, but come with a screenbug or two. At that, from what I’ve seen of the Season 13 framegrabs on S!S!, they were taken with a potato. An emo one probably, given the time period.

    I just wonder if there’s another site that houses Season 13-17 screencaps in 480p, or if Frinkiac has an option to switch between the DVD and Blu-Ray qualities. If they don’t yet, they definitely should.

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    No, that seems like a really specific edge case

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    Ideally, they should add 480p for Seasons 1 through Season 20, Episode 9... and native HD for everything beyond that. In addition to adding The Simpsons Guy, the unique animated material from The Simpsons Game, deleted scenes where available and the Ullman shorts.

    But I honestly don't expect them to invest any more time in updating the site even though I would actually DONATE money to them to facilitate it.
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